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Not on Planet Earth
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What does NOPE mean? It stands for Not on Planet Earth

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Police need to be held accountable when they murder people like everybody else, can a presidential candidate say that? Nope

People talmbout they want Michelle Obama to run. NOPE. White women didn't even vote for a woman who looked like them. Leave Michelle alone!

I do not recognize this world we live in. And I do not accept it. I do not. Nope. And nope.

*puts music on shuffle* next, next, next, next, blah, nah, nope, next, no, no, no, next, next, OH YES!!

Yup--this election was not about race or racism at all. Nope.

I just ordered a Coke with no ice. Waitress said is @pepsi ok? I said NOPE, @drpepper. #DrainTheSwamp #MAGA3X #TuesdayMotivation

Yup. Not about anti-immigrant sentiment at all. Not about racism. Nope nooo.

Oh, you think we forgot #BlizzCon2016? Nope!

If Trump were to become the next POTUS, he wouldn't get to just "transition"...nope. He would be fighting 75 lawsuits at the same damn time.

Ok but am I even a US Citizen ? Nope

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To clarify: I am not part of the alt-left that spends its time scapegoating women and people of color for Trump's election. Nope.

he said nope nope nope nope here u go

sitting in my apartment right now waiting for my two friends to arrive BUT NOPE they've gotta finish their fight first, "15 mins max" lmao

@kirstin_taylor NOPE

@Twizznit @heathercps Nope. Look at the numbers. Trump had fewer votes than Romney. Combination of protest votes/refuse to vote gave him win

I refuse to let white progressives fade into 2016 thinking Trump supporters are the only racists. Nope. Bernie people were deplorable, too.

@Calfreezy nope, the donuts are all mine. Door is locked. Pls don't try enter

But wait...BUT WAIT. Nope! Release the emails!

I think white progressives believe putting a black face in the DNC will stave off my critiques of Bernie's movement. Nope. It won't.


Most popular questions

What does NOPE stand for?

NOPE stands for "Not on Planet Earth"

How to abbreviate "Not on Planet Earth"?

"Not on Planet Earth" can be abbreviated as NOPE

What is the meaning of NOPE abbreviation?

The meaning of NOPE abbreviation is "Not on Planet Earth"

What does NOPE mean?

NOPE as abbreviation means "Not on Planet Earth"

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