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What does NVR mean? It stands for Never

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U guys remember when our Chicago show got rained out so we all huddled inside and sang 'Like That' Acapella as a big family? I'll nvr forget

It's not only humiliating but also beyond personally violating. Peoples' lives & security should nvr be treated as sport or bounty. Smh.

#AsliKashmir trending at No.1 shows Nationalism will always prevail against anti nationals.MSM nvr showed this reality to U!Salute to INDIA

We need to try & understand Trump supporters by JUST LISTENING *spends 1 hr on voting line w/Trump supporter* No we're good nvr mind

Keeping in mind Delhi HC judgement,AAP MLAs were nvr appointed Parliamentary Secys bcs LG nvr signed the order. Big loophole for MLAs there.

V cn criticise the govt but if karachiites will nt realise their responsibility to #CleanKarachi v will nvr succeed

Y am I not surprised that most Muslims like @HammadGillani will nvr acknowledge, Islamists are behind most Terrorism

They talk of political solution bt nvr clarify what it is 2 d rants of Azadi. In power they nvr offered it when stones were pelted at them

#kargilvijaydiwas Nvr forget they died for our freedom. & it's abt both people & land, for thr are many 'free' ppl bereft of their homelands

Take ur time. Come out when ur rdy. But nvr be ashamed of who u r. Love is beautiful. Acceptance is just as beautiful #Nationalcomingoutday

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I want to vote FOR someone not against someone else. This is why I can't support either candidate okay nvr tweeting about politics again bai

Trailer "Zulfiqar"by super talented @srijitspeaketh.Nvr seen this side of my city Kolkata.Absolute must watch list.

u'll nvr 4get ur 1st time

Tell ur parents hw mch u love dem n care 4 dem..show d love..tmrw mgt b 2 late..once gone dey will nvr cme back..v r wat v r is bcz of dem..

The avg voter cannot tell you who is on their elected school board & has nvr been to a school bd mtg. Over it.

they'll nvr 4get the support

I can nvr be the girl w too much makeup tools bcs I'll just waste em. Even the thought of spending much time applying makeup makes me cringe

Looking forward to going on w/ @megynkelly in moments have to follow @ChrisStirewalt nvr easy! Talk SNL, Schumer & paperback @foxandfriends

In this no holds barred interview, @LMKMovieManiac succeeds in making @anirudhofficial open up like nvr b4. Do read


Most popular questions

What does NVR stand for?

NVR stands for "Never"

How to abbreviate "Never"?

"Never" can be abbreviated as NVR

What is the meaning of NVR abbreviation?

The meaning of NVR abbreviation is "Never"

What does NVR mean?

NVR as abbreviation means "Never"

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