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What does OOI mean? It stands for Out of Interest

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Our diving campaign is not yet finished. Still have Ooi Tze Liang tomorrow! #MalaysiaBoleh

Grego bawa tim Indonesia unggul 2-1 atas Malaysia usai kalahkan Goh Jin Wei. Selanjutnya : Bagas/Rinov vs Zi Heng Ooi/Wooi Yik Soh #AJC2016

#AWANInews Rio 2016: Cabaran Ooi Tze Liang dalam acara 10m platform terhenti

#AWANInews Haron Din's demise: Jeff Ooi, please apologise - Penang PAS Youth

#MAS diver Ooi Tze Liang failed to qualify for the semifinals of the men's 10m platform when he finished 22nd out of 28 divers #Rio2016

Not a fan of Haron Din but Jeff Ooi, like many of the more insular Chinese, has poor awareness of cultural graces.

#AWANInews Kenyataan Jeff Ooi terhadap Haron Din kurang ajar, kata veteran UMNO

#AWANInews [OPINION] Jeff Ooi was rude, but that's not a crime

#AWANInews MCA desak Jeff Ooi mohon maaf pada keluarga Haron Din

@guikauemyworld ooi

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#AWANInews #HaronDin Kenyataan Jeff Ooi tidak wakili DAP - Guan Eng

Jeff Ooi didesak mohon maaf kepada keluarga Allahyarham Haron Din

#AWANInews #HaronDin Jeff Ooi didesak minta maaf kepada keluarga Allahyarham Haron Din

@idkrezende ooi


Most popular questions

What does OOI stand for?

OOI stands for "Out of Interest"

How to abbreviate "Out of Interest"?

"Out of Interest" can be abbreviated as OOI

What is the meaning of OOI abbreviation?

The meaning of OOI abbreviation is "Out of Interest"

What does OOI mean?

OOI as abbreviation means "Out of Interest"

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