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Random Number Generator
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What does RNG mean? It stands for Random Number Generator

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Mlxg comes up HUGE for RNG! #WorldsBigPlays

The #Worlds Quarterfinals go live in ninety minutes with @sktelecom_t1 facing off against RNG!

[#Worlds 2016 Quarterfinals] #SKTT1 vs RNG. We won game 3. 2W1L. Go go SKT! #SKTWIN #SKTFighting

[#Worlds 2016 Quarterfinals] #SKTT1 vs RNG. We won game 2. 1W1L. Please wish us luck in game 3. #SKTWIN #SKTFighting

[#Worlds 2016 Quarterfinals] #SKTT1 vs RNG. We lost game 1. 0W1L. Next game, Go go SKT! #SKTWIN #SKTFighting

Ggwp rng

Coming up: Game 2 between RNG & SKT (1-0), Blank subbing in for Bengi #Worlds

SKT eliminates RNG and moves on to the Semifinals in New York. GG WP! #SKTWIN #Worlds

With that superclean recovery from TSM, SPY are officially out of #Worlds. So much riding on TSM vs RNG last game of the day.

Why receiving a journalism award from PM Modi is different from receiving one from PM MMS. Fine piece on RNG awards

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OpTic Gaming scrims finally! Playing vs RNG

Shocked tsm didn't make it out but can't argue results. Wp by RNG and good luck tomorrow c9.

Lots of questions about it so here is the answer: There is no tiebreaker with an RNG win because they will own the head to head. #Worlds

SKT Mata ROX Mata SSG Mata KT Mata JAGW Mata AF Mata LZ Mata TSM Mata IMaTa FNC Mata PSG Mata MVP Mata KDM Mata Papa Johns Mata RNG Mata

Third time's a charm: First Blood for RNG after another gank top! #Worlds

TSM have been the most domestically dominant team NA has ever seen. But none of that matters. If they can't beat RNG their year ends #Worlds

Team Kaliber vs RNG starting soon!!!

3 fire drags zz 2nd time SKT get screwed by dragon RNG

Team Scrimmages vs RNG!


Most popular questions

What does RNG stand for?

RNG stands for "Random Number Generator"

How to abbreviate "Random Number Generator"?

"Random Number Generator" can be abbreviated as RNG

What is the meaning of RNG abbreviation?

The meaning of RNG abbreviation is "Random Number Generator"

What does RNG mean?

RNG as abbreviation means "Random Number Generator"

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