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What does RNG mean? It stands for Range

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[#Worlds 2016 Quarterfinals] #SKTT1 vs RNG. We won game 3. 2W1L. Go go SKT! #SKTWIN #SKTFighting

3 more kills for RNG! #Worlds

Why receiving a journalism award from PM Modi is different from receiving one from PM MMS. Fine piece on RNG awards

Raj Kamal Jha packs a punch as he 'thanks' Modi at #RNG awards - "In this age of selfie journalism, if you don't...

OpTic Gaming scrims finally! Playing vs RNG

SKT Mata ROX Mata SSG Mata KT Mata JAGW Mata AF Mata LZ Mata TSM Mata IMaTa FNC Mata PSG Mata MVP Mata KDM Mata Papa Johns Mata RNG Mata

Korea out of Hearthstone. All-European Final. Even Korea cannot defeat the RNG.

New changes to pack configurations mean you get customization cards in boosters now too. Nice RNG!

Team Kaliber vs RNG RT's Appreciated

My Heroic Tavern Brawl decklist that went super good. 10-0 until 3 RNG games screwed me over =(

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Akshay Mukul and Anna M. M. Vetticad refused to accept #RNG awards for journalism from Modi. #Respect. And no, pl...

Akshaya Mukul's boycott of RNG awards over Modi was cowardly: @shivaroor via @dailyo_

At #RNG awards for bravery in journalism, PM made a crude joke about anti Dalit atrocities in a rather obvious...

Akshaya Mukul's boycott or @rajkamaljha's speech - What hit harder at this year's RNG Awards? Listen to #NLHafta:

Team Kaliber vs RNG starting soon!!!

Good journalism should be defined by the work we celebrate today, says chief editor @rajkamaljha #PMatRNGAwards |

India is such a country that teaches their children to respect mother earth, says PM Modi #PMatRNGAwards |

If you missed the stream, here's an INSANE highlight. More RNG than pavel himself.

Beat RNG 2-1! GGs <3 Quarters up next


Most popular questions

What does RNG stand for?

RNG stands for "Range"

How to abbreviate "Range"?

"Range" can be abbreviated as RNG

What is the meaning of RNG abbreviation?

The meaning of RNG abbreviation is "Range"

What does RNG mean?

RNG as abbreviation means "Range"

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