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What does ROX mean? It stands for Rocks

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One game left in the best series in Worlds history Who You Got? RT for SKT. Fav for ROX.

[#Worlds 2016 Semifinals] #SKTT1 vs ROX. Wow, we get game 1. 1W0L. Go go SKT. #SKTWIN #SKTFighting

well at least we enjoyed ROX vs SKT 2-3. SSG gave us one fun game to watch but this is gg.

Game 5 let's go!!! #Worlds ROX or SKT?!


Riot production understands what the viewers want to see. There's a peanut reaction cam after every single rox play.

yeah rox is gonna 3-0 edg rip

Best Worlds Final by far. Second best night at Worlds behind SKT vs. ROX.

TSM Deft? PSG Deft? SKT Deft? ROX Deft? Samsung Deft? KT Deft? ESC Deft? MVP Deft? Longzhu Deft? ABCDEFt?

Harden +15 in 37 mins even with the stagnation late. Bench lost this one for Rox.

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Jay Rox - Lusaka Official Album Artwork. Find the area you come from on the artwork and circle it. #Lusaka2017

rewatching SKT vs ROX just makes me smile. I am so in love with that series

Not going to take anything away from the finals but stop calling it the best series ever as I'm seeing it. SKT vs ROX takes the crown here.

#HappyBirthdaySRK. Bhai rox.

My top four LoL matches of all time: Blue vs Arrows final ROX vs SKT in NYC Blaze vs White Shield '14 spring semis Bullets vs SKT final

Congrats to rox today. Peanut played an insane series, and I'm looking forward to the skt rox semifinal.

Rockets & Mavs...again...as HOU looks for the home & home sweep. Join us on @SportsTalk790 & @ktrhnews. Rox have won 7 of the last 10 vs DAL

@MatthewBerryTMR love ur stuff on ESPN, read ur book & the fantasy life app rox! Playing my bro in fantasy. Should I start Julio or Hilton?

Acabou os picks e bans e jockster vai de MF suporte! Pick recente no mundial pela ROX em resposta a Zyra. #IEMChallenger #INTZemParis


Most popular questions

What does ROX stand for?

ROX stands for "Rocks"

How to abbreviate "Rocks"?

"Rocks" can be abbreviated as ROX

What is the meaning of ROX abbreviation?

The meaning of ROX abbreviation is "Rocks"

What does ROX mean?

ROX as abbreviation means "Rocks"

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