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What does SIS mean? It stands for sister

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My sis is the best @SierraDallas

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT SIS!!!!! @dinahjane97

@dinahjane97 I'M CRYING SIS. OMG HAAAA

WOW. What an honor and dream come true for us. Feel so lucky to get to share this with you my sis @bellahadid

Dear brain, can you please turn off so I can go to sleep? I have to wake up in a couple of hours. Thanks sis. - Colleen

@Caspar_Lee sis don't get me started i'm drunk & ready to go off

I'm not your sis . You can't kick it with me , skate with me , nothing lol

We're back wit #TTWFO radio n our special guest my lil sis .@DelanyLuh Tune in 5pm PT

Psssst - this @TheTide competition sis till running until tomorrow morning:

Never run again they said! You'll never be able to hold her back I said! Get it Sis:

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Kenapa anak muda harus pilih PSI? Yuk denger penjelasan dari sis Grace berikut ini #AnakMudaPilihPSI

Same sis

Kata siapa peran anak muda di dunia politik itu kecil? Yuk dengar penjelasan sis @grace_nat #AnakMudaPilihPSI

UK! My lil sis, @NelMinchin, made a sweet doc about Matilda the Musical going to Australia. It's on tonight on Sky Arts at 9pm. Ok? Ok. x

Ayo RT Promo Kompas tadi, SIS. Mom akan pilih 4 orang beruntung* yang akan mendapatkan voucher belanja Rp 50.000!

Let's just say @ReneeYoungWWE is my sis from another Miss!

I love & appreciate u sis #WhatNow

I am helping my Sis make it Happen! No donation is too Big or too small! #2feetIn #BuildingtheDream Two Feet In

You can't argue every vote counts when it comes to third parties @SusanSarandon then say yours doesn't sis


Most popular questions

What does SIS stand for?

SIS stands for "sister"

How to abbreviate "sister"?

"sister" can be abbreviated as SIS

What is the meaning of SIS abbreviation?

The meaning of SIS abbreviation is "sister"

What does SIS mean?

SIS as abbreviation means "sister"

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