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Social Justice Warrior
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What does SJW mean? It stands for Social Justice Warrior

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Not only Hillary lost last night. - SJW violence tactics - Rigged media - 'Racist' narrative - Rigged pollsters - Celeb outrage All lost.

#SJW logic and #KeithLamontScott

Male SJW tries to attack female student wearing Trump hat. Tolerant, peaceful liberal strikes again.

Going absolutely nuclear on TYT and every #SJW asshat angry over Trump. #CrowderDaily >>

This is exactly why Hillary lost & why SJW YouTubers lost! Fake Rage = Losers!

Boom roasted. Going nuclear on TYT and #SJW asshats boiling over the election. #LWC >>

Can you imagine if the $GRUB guy said something like 'don't work here if you support Hillary'? California SJW labor laws would be swift.

#TrumpProtest => Tolerant #SJW Anti-Trumper Says 'People have to die!'

Most predictable thing about elections nowadays is that #SJW anti-democrats will throw a public tantrum if the vote doesn't go their way.

Godspeed! => #CalExit: SJW Leftists Demand CA Secede after Hillary's Defeat

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WEB EXTENDED >> Brilliant. @DineshDSouza debunks the #SJW myth that the "parties switched"

Web extended with @DineshDSouza is up! Talking Cenk debate and #SJW myths >>

Pence shows how to handle SJW attacks. Just ignore em, don't apologize and tell them they are wrong. Never entertain their verbal bile.

#SJW lunacy continues to outdo itself. #WhyTrumpWon

To understand this movement, look up: Gamergate, Social Justice Warriors (they're anti-SJW), 4chan, cuckservative, and so on.

New video clip is up => SEXISM TRIGGERING!! Ariel Winter Goes Full #SJW Feminist

I disagree strongly w/ Alt-Right: one need not be a dupe of MSM, PC, generation snowflake or an SJW, to be alarmed by new real hate speech.

Twitter is suffering and likely to be bought out at pennies on the dollar. The slide accelerated when they went SJW and censorship route.

@gt_carter @VICE @Jake_Hanrahan Yeah, in the old days when they were actually interesting and not an SJW mouthpiece.


Most popular questions

What does SJW stand for?

SJW stands for "Social Justice Warrior"

How to abbreviate "Social Justice Warrior"?

"Social Justice Warrior" can be abbreviated as SJW

What is the meaning of SJW abbreviation?

The meaning of SJW abbreviation is "Social Justice Warrior"

What does SJW mean?

SJW as abbreviation means "Social Justice Warrior"

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