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What does TLS mean? It stands for Transport Layer Security

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Check Cong leaders TLs incl @OfficeOfRG & @ArvindKejriwal on #Bhopal Don't ask why your vote base shifting to AAP @digvijaya_28 an exception

A glimpse at this week's TLS cover: Modern Classics.

If you use WoSign or StartCom for any of your TLS certificates, you really should be looking for a new CA *now*

I guess y'all don't see that a lot of the folks stirring up this Deray mess are avid Trump supporters. Check their TLs. You're being played.

New Kubernetes and Vault tutorial on short-lived TLS Certs, TLS Mutual Auth, and more thanks to @kelseyhightower:

Biography in the Twitter age: what happens when social media replaces diaries? via @theTLS

Automated Reasoning and Automated Formal Verification of s2n, #AWS' open source SSL/TLS implementation

.@candundaradasi: No game is ever won by surrendering #Turkey @TheTLS

What should the next version of TLS (after TLS 1.2) be called?

What, Exactly, Makes Something A Progressive Web App? TLS, offline experience, Web App Manifest. by @slightlylate

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The endurance of poetry. Nice piece in @TheTLS, including this gloriousness

Right. 'Racism.' Has nothing to do with reading his opinions. (The gems you find on Trumpist TLs.)

What should the new version of TLS be called? #ssl #bikeshedding #standardsbycomitee

fm @theTLS - Does comedy travel?Aristophanes was so vulgar he makes many modern translators "profoundly embarrassed"

A Technical Dive into Defensive Trickery. DDoS Defense, Instant TLS, Rate Limited Data Loss, Software Isolation

Indiscreet logarithm (pun intended) - interesting study finds possible back doors in Diffie Hellman in TLS:

This week's TLS, out now:

To #skypapers with @thecarolemalone. While you are waiting, enjoy this letter to the TLS from the Somme in 1916.

This week's TLS Voices with @StigAbell and @thea_lenarduzzi: Life, writing and life-writing


Most popular questions

What does TLS stand for?

TLS stands for "Transport Layer Security"

How to abbreviate "Transport Layer Security"?

"Transport Layer Security" can be abbreviated as TLS

What is the meaning of TLS abbreviation?

The meaning of TLS abbreviation is "Transport Layer Security"

What does TLS mean?

TLS as abbreviation means "Transport Layer Security"

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