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What does TIL mean? It stands for Today I Learned

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when you procrastinate til Sunday

1 more week til thanksgiving break 1 more week til thanksgiving break 1 more week til thanksgiving break 1 more week til thanksgiving break

Can't wait til America's great again!

My new Trump accuser client bravely speaks on video for the first time. Wait 'til you hear why. Will post within the hour. Watch this space.

Blessed to have a mom that bends over backwards for me til this day bruh.

Today's #equalpayday. Gender pay gap is 13.9%, so women are effectively working for free til 31st Dec @jeremycorbyn

From today women effectively work for free til Dec 31st due to the gender pay gap (13.9%). This must end & I'm proud to support #EqualPayDay

Wish someone would read me westworld theories til I fell asleep...

Now we can go back to worrying about buying lip gloss from a woman who didn't have lips til 2 years ago.

JUST LOL - Liberal Newsweek Recalls 125,000 Copies of 'Madam Hillary' - Trump Edition Won't Come Out til Next Week

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Hand on Heart on @TheXFactor 2013... 4 days to go now til #GrowUpOnXFactor on Sunday!!

Who remembers this performance with some very special guests @themuppets?? 6 days til #GrowUpOnXFactor this sunday!!

My 7 year old just said "Mommy, can I have some candy?" Can't wait til she's 8 and I can tweet about her super woke 8 year old thoughts.

UPDATE: Judge rules IN FAVOR of keeping Lemon City library voting site open til 9 p.m. Story updating shortly.

1 hour til show time! Keep your #GrowUpOnXFactor tweets coming throughout the show! OllyHQ

Launch day for @Thom_astro and #Galileo 15-18! Join us LIVE via from 12:36 GMT til late.

Wait til she finds out what happened during the presidential election.

Only 38 days til Christmas means only 39 days until we don't have to hear 'Santa Baby' for a whole year.

Reminder: There are 39 shopping days left til Christmas! If you need moi's wish list please let my assistant know. #DreamingOfAGoldChristmas


Most popular questions

What does TIL stand for?

TIL stands for "Today I Learned"

How to abbreviate "Today I Learned"?

"Today I Learned" can be abbreviated as TIL

What is the meaning of TIL abbreviation?

The meaning of TIL abbreviation is "Today I Learned"

What does TIL mean?

TIL as abbreviation means "Today I Learned"

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