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What does URS mean? It stands for Yours

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my hair better than urs

ok I gotta wrap up now but thank u guys for asking all ur questions. sorry if I didnt get to urs this time ur still lovely ok bye xx

come out or don't,do what u need; not every1 feels safe to b out where they live,but no matter what ur identity is urs+no1 else can claim it

My girls look amazing in their tank tops. Get Urs fast B4 they R all out! #AintYourMama

Interesting u mention our troops. Trump used his $$$ to dodge the draft 4x ... Do u really think his values are urs?

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Yall know which one is my favorite whats urs?!?

Chairman #PPP @BBhuttoZardari's message on 273rd Urs of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai

When @Urs_Uriarte doesn't answer me immediately (her name is spelled wrong on purpose lol)

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U wanna see us win!!!??? Well sir .. I'm too way experienced in life to buy this line of urs .. @prashant_bhat

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At FTII, a space is given to students to do research on cinema: Vikas Urs, Secy, Students' Association, FTII #Conclave16

Excuse me ? Do u know me or the charity work I do ? If not then sit down and mind urs . I'm trying to make a living

Tired at the end of set but fitness goal is to step up my push-up game: Better form and higher quantity! What's urs?


Most popular questions

What does URS stand for?

URS stands for "Yours"

How to abbreviate "Yours"?

"Yours" can be abbreviated as URS

What is the meaning of URS abbreviation?

The meaning of URS abbreviation is "Yours"

What does URS mean?

URS as abbreviation means "Yours"

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