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What does YR mean? It stands for Year

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Dem pols never say anything disparagingly about Bill's sexploits with 19 yr-old intern in WH or Mrs. Bill's corruption, lying, criminal acts

MN just approved premium increases of up 67% last yr's hike up to 49% ObamaCare crushing the middle class, the increases are unsustainable.

In 1 yr Ben Carson went from seeking jobs he's not qualified for to declining jobs he's not qualified for. And they say evolution's a myth.

Happy bday @iamsrk.Wishing u more happiness, luv & success. Thk u 4 mking 2016 a very special yr 4 me #HBDWorldsBiggestStar #fangirlforever

You're telling me Dems/Repubs are angry at Trump's 11 yr audio leak? Who bought over 80 million copies of perverse 50 ShadesOfGrey again?

At ripe age of 42 Theo Epstein is the best GM in the history of #MLB. Broke two curses-in big $ era & $ball era. Defend next yr then retire

Obama on Cubs 108 yr drought: 'They hadn't invented sliced bread yet. So for Cubs fans, this is actually greatest thing since sliced bread'

Just looked at tax records: btw '90 and '14, @realDonaldTrump's Foundation spent a *total* of $211 on legal fees. Works out to $8.44/yr.

Just watched my 16-yr-old's first ever "pressing refresh for an hour to get Glastonbury tickets, & failing" experience. She's a woman now.

My 3 yr old grandson saw me on TV and said, "Papa's on TV--just like Mickey Mouse." To Lil Huck, being in same medium as Mickey matters!

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cancel the election, jail yr opponent, sue news orgs.....good times!!

Very sorry to hear the news regarding @WiltonSpeight. Hope your recovery goes well and you come back even stronger. Congrats on a great yr!

Jahangir Badar God bless yr soul.V met in late1960s when v were student activists.JB was frm a extinct generation of loyal political workers

Imagine truly believing that being called a racist is worse than being shot by police as a 12-yr-old boy for holding a toy gun

The federal government spends more than $30B/yr to fund @NIH. What changes are in store under a new administration?

Last yr I visited Nankana Sahib for the first time, a very special trip for me. Best wishes to all celebrating the birth of Guru Nanak today

opportunity cost of wars of choice in US perhaps $5 Trillion. Now >$600B/yr on defense vs $300M/yr ARPA-E Energy research. 2000 to 1. hmm

Can think of few things less productive than sad bleat of "Don't Normalize Trump!" Guys: he's Prez. He's normalized. This is yr new normal.

Should Harry Giles play this yr for Duke. I say NO. Here my thoughts on 98.7 & below. Agree or not Agree?


Most popular questions

What does YR stand for?

YR stands for "Year"

How to abbreviate "Year"?

"Year" can be abbreviated as YR

What is the meaning of YR abbreviation?

The meaning of YR abbreviation is "Year"

What does YR mean?

YR as abbreviation means "Year"

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