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What does Y2K mean? It stands for Year 2000

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Donald Trump December 31, 1999: YAAAAAS Y2K yaaaaaas Donald Trump January 1, 2000: I opposed Y2K

Bill Maher: "I hope when we look back on this, Trump is like Y2K"

This election reminds me of Y2K hysteria. Nothing is going to happen.

Feels like Y2K all over again. #Election2016

Our generation is a result of Tom Green's (and Y2K-era MTV) early influence on millenials. The forebearers of today's troll culture.

.@billmaher: "I hope when we look back on this, Trump is like Y2K"

Bill Maher hopes Donald Trump is our Y2K:

Is this Y2K for minorities

I am so sick of you media victims. I remember the Y2K scare, then 911, then Armageddon in 2012, then Osama Bin Laden, now Trump?! FOH!

Members of @HouseNGR & @NGRSenate should prove to us that they are not dinosaurs and technophobes.They need to show they are "Y2K" compliant

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A few things in America we feared would take over and destroy us but didn't Y2K bug, Ebola, White Rappers, add Donald Trump to that list.


This whole Instagram re-vamp thing is scarier than the Y2K huh? People are really in a panic.

Added another ring 16 years later. #orangebowlchamps #y2k #goblue

I'm dreading this new #Instagram more than I dreaded #Y2K.

@Vollzeit_Caro Ro Ransom - See Me Fall ft. Kensei Abbot (Y2K Remix)

Good to see our friends throwing it back to the best era of all time... Y2K @my2ktour

Please show your support and send a MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU to big Star Wars fan @shakey_y2k #keepshakeysmiling

Just explained the Y2K bug to my kid and in response she said, "So on New Year's Eve you did *not* party like it was 1999."


Most popular questions

What does Y2K stand for?

Y2K stands for "Year 2000"

How to abbreviate "Year 2000"?

"Year 2000" can be abbreviated as Y2K

What is the meaning of Y2K abbreviation?

The meaning of Y2K abbreviation is "Year 2000"

What does Y2K mean?

Y2K as abbreviation means "Year 2000"

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