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Go Away Silly Person
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What does GASP mean? It stands for Go Away Silly Person

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y'all tryna tell me this is white supremacy's last gasp but it really feels like white supremacy just remembered to pack its inhaler

old school racists believe that this Trump win is good news...wrong...this is your last gasp....the death rattle of what america was

This election is the civil-rights battle of our lives. It will either be a dying gasp of white male supremacy or an oxygen tank for it.

This is the last dying gasp of the white man

This is the last gasp of white male rule, I believe. Thousands of years, and here we are. I am ashamed of what I am, and I am not a bad guy.

*Pope Francis confirms something that's been true for 2000 years* (a male-only priesthood) Media: Gasp! I can't believe it! Me: Yeah, duh!

My tiny silver lining on this horrible night: this is truly the last gasp of a soon to be overrun demo: old white racist men.

We will survive. We will. It may well be a heinous fight. But this election was ignorance's last gasp. It won't last forever. Fight on.

Next year for Halloween, I'm going as the collective gasp of unadulterated terror this ballpark made when that ball fell in the outfield.

Tory MPs gasp and roll their eyes when Soubry calls for "temperate" language. She's not known for holding her tongue...

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We need more gasping. People need to gasp more at just art in general. And real life again. Pls gasp a real gasp for me thx

Donald Trump's performance last night was the last gasp of an angry id

Wallace asks about ABORTION. He used THE WORD. [gasp] #debatenight

Donald Trump's performance on Wednesday was the last gasp of an angry id

At last-gasp Trump rally in NC, Trump plays "Trump", while crowd joyously plays "crowd at Trump rally". Religious ritual crossed with WWF

Audible gasp in the office as India's @DasShaktikanta announces banks will only change Rs 2,000 in old notes from tomorrow (down from 4,500)

This is officially white people's last gasp. I just kind of assumed it would be a Jimmy Buffett concert. #ElectionNight

I still don't understand why Trump continues to make up these ridiculous claims when Clinton has receipts so long they would make CVS gasp

Every time Embiid falls to the court, there's an audible gasp. And this game is being played in Minnesota.


Most popular questions

What does GASP stand for?

GASP stands for "Go Away Silly Person"

How to abbreviate "Go Away Silly Person"?

"Go Away Silly Person" can be abbreviated as GASP

What is the meaning of GASP abbreviation?

The meaning of GASP abbreviation is "Go Away Silly Person"

What does GASP mean?

GASP as abbreviation means "Go Away Silly Person"

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