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What does BBQ mean? It stands for Barbecue

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This man is 100% invited to the family BBQ. (via @msblingmiami_)

EVIL IN THE NIGHT Halloween BBQ #evilinthenight @thexfactorau

Hillary's final statement actually sounded like what a president would say. Trumps was like your drunk uncle at a BBQ #debatenight

When somebody come to the family BBQ that you don't know....

Ben McAdoo after Josh Brown's suspension: "I do support Josh as a man, a father, and a player." McAdoo today: "Uh, I was at a family BBQ."

me: yeah I'm from TX! them: cool spell yall me: Y-apostrophy-A- them: nah. *takes BBQ plate away*

Trump is your drunk uncle at a BBQ. Hillary is your aunt that's trying to get him to stop drinking and screaming racial slurs

Late night after production surprise! Candid BTS shot. Who's gonna join us for a fam BBQ?! #TheFosters

"Hey baby, you ready?" "Yea, baby." "Want me to say the words?" "Ooh, you know how I like 'em." "...All you can eat Korean BBQ." "YES! YES!"

Great things happened off the court as well last week in The Bahamas. Team BBQ = Team Bonding.

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Lunch at Mabel's BBQ in downtown Cleveland: Lamb ribs, brisket, broccoli & cucumber salad

Charlie Whitehurst continues to win at everything with the best BBQ in the world (and other things)

New tonight at Wrigley: "The Matchup" -- Chicago style dog + "Polish Boy," a kielbasa w/BBQ sauce & onion stix ($15)

I don't know a lot about politics and such, but I do know Memphis, top to bottom, is by far the greatest BBQ city in the world!

Is @AussieGrit looking for a new job? #6HBahrain @FIAWEC #BBQ Thanks @BAH_Int_Circuit for the lovely evening

Congratulations to Tebogo Ditshego for receiving the Nestlife Award at the BBQ Awards 2016. #BBQAwards

A Sunbury man has used a drone to pickup a sausage from a Bunnings BBQ: #9News

You could have BBQ pork slow-cooking for dinner right now:

This creamy BBQ chicken dip will have you going back for more...and more...and more. RECIPE:


Most popular questions

What does BBQ stand for?

BBQ stands for "Barbecue"

How to abbreviate "Barbecue"?

"Barbecue" can be abbreviated as BBQ

What is the meaning of BBQ abbreviation?

The meaning of BBQ abbreviation is "Barbecue"

What does BBQ mean?

BBQ as abbreviation means "Barbecue"

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