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What does B mean? It stands for Beta

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The scene at Susan B. Anthony's grave. And it's a scene.

Just saw a video on CNN of a bunch of women sticking their 'I Voted' stickers on Susan B. Anthony's grave and cried so hard

Manu has given his (b)all to the Spurs

Download encrypted future WL publications for safekeeping: A)

them guuuuuuurls b lyk

Happy Birthday to #iKON's B.I.! #HappyHanbinDay #CharismaBIDay

Appalled by B. Johnson saying he shares values of freedom and democracy with Trump. Accept he won but don't normalise his racism & misogyny.

RT b/c IT'S FIGHT DAY!!!! #UFC205 @TheGarden has FINALLY arrived!!! First bout at 7pmET!!! #UFCNYC

Same woman who conducted focus groups TWO years before election will have no good answer, no Plan B re: latest FBI investigation. Not nimble

. @JensenAckles You SON OF A B**** It's all your fault. You had to overnight it didn't you ?? ...... #DamnIt

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If I could b anybody in world, I'll still choose 2 b me! 2x

Spox says Carson feels he shouldn't run a gov agency b/c he has no government experience. Reminder: Carson did think he could run a country.

@dandrezner. We've always stated that a) the FBI would not indict Clinton and that b) Clinton would almost certainly win.

Obama just suggested ppl could lose health ins. with rollback of #Obamacare - maybe he didn't hear that I lost my insurance b/c of Obamacare

I thought Trump couldn't b on cocaine because he's overweight, but a friend suggested he might ordinarily weigh much more....

GOP, party of personal responsibility, is arguing Bannon cant b held responsible 4the anti-Semetic, misogynistic articles his site publishes

Take a look at B.A.P's tracklist + another group teaser image for 'Noir'!

Listen to the highlight medley for B.A.P's upcoming 2nd full album!

"We don't have a plan B because we don't have a planet B" -@UN Secretary-General at #COP22 press conference.


Most popular questions

What does B stand for?

B stands for "Beta"

How to abbreviate "Beta"?

"Beta" can be abbreviated as B

What is the meaning of B abbreviation?

The meaning of B abbreviation is "Beta"

What does B mean?

B as abbreviation means "Beta"

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