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What does OCD mean? It stands for tic/obsessive compulsive disorder

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It's called OCD haha

i have mild ocd and usually i get really stressed out when my environment is messy so i impulsively clean

"Najeeb may have left on his own. His doctor confirms he was on anti-depressants and other medication for insomnia, OCD." (Delhi Police)

It bothers me when people comment, "My OCD!" on Minecraft videos when a block is out of order. It's a serious mental disorder, not a joke.

Just like OCD in humans, dogs have "dog compulsive disorder" and in which they chase their tails excessively.

Tonight on #TheMeltdown, @racheldoesstuff explains why OCD makes you a great '90s DJ.

Missing JNU student #NajeebAhmed was on anti-depressants, taking medicines for insomnia and OCD: Police sources

#Virgo = OCD

Check out @RichBiscuit21, who spoke wonderfully about OCD on #MeAndMyMentalIllness, on opening up to his dad

It takes OCD sufferers 17 years to find proper treatment from the onset of symptoms

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I don't get why people joke about having OCD if they don't have it... it's a disease, not a punch line

Recycling is for OCD hippies

The only treatment for OCD is expensive and hard to find; regular therapy can actually make OCD patients worse

When you have that item OCD, so you risk everything for something you'll probably never even use. #DarkSouls3

Brain receptor acts as switch for OCD symptoms in mice

Checking polls soothes my anxiety in the exact same way any of my other OCD compulsions does, which is to say, not at all.

Guilty of having OCD - Obsessive Cat Disorder? Then this is for you!

How to get your life back after being depressed, living with OCD and more: #MHAW16

DOLLLLLLSSSS!!!!! My boys are back together! #WynonnaEarp oh and yeah Doc don't touch his stuff he's SUPER ocd about it #WynonnaEarp


Most popular questions

What does OCD stand for?

OCD stands for "tic/obsessive compulsive disorder"

How to abbreviate "tic/obsessive compulsive disorder"?

"tic/obsessive compulsive disorder" can be abbreviated as OCD

What is the meaning of OCD abbreviation?

The meaning of OCD abbreviation is "tic/obsessive compulsive disorder"

What does OCD mean?

OCD as abbreviation means "tic/obsessive compulsive disorder"

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