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What does cuz mean? It stands for Cousin

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we see u tryna justify ur vote for trump by saying it's cuz hillary was bad like it wasn't really the hate in your heart that led u to trump

thanksgiving break will be fantastic cuz all my friends come home from college and I get to see them yayyyyy

My energy forever on '16 year old girl on vacation w her family but she got an attitude cuz she wanna be home w her bad influence boyfriend'

Regardless of who wins, you as an individual choose how to love/hate someone. This is proof that we gotta do better cuz somethin aint right!

They love me cuz im real

is it possible to be a homebody and not a homebody at once? cuz if so I'm that guy

"FaceTime with my shorty on tour and she texting purple hearts cuz she know that we at war"

I wish there was a hooded Kermit talking to a hooded Kermit cuz then that would be me

Yea Cuz. ObamaCare is NOT working....communism never does.

A voter told me she didn't think Trump meant what he said about women on the tape. She later told me she likes him cuz he means what he says

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Uploading a video in the middle of the night cuz I'm a REBEL. I say the F word in it because I'm SUPER DUPER REBEL. #OnlyRebelsSaySuperDuper

Great journalist and friend. My "cuz". At a time when the country needs her most she will be missed. RIP @gwenifill


The least any American can do is learn the non-colonial history of the land you live on & uplift Indigenous voices cuz those in power won't

I hope y'all saving money cuz trump bout to shut down all the side hustles in America

ever been so happy that u want all your friends to be as happy as u are cuz ur like so dang happy & just wanna share it w the people u love?

.@Trevornoah: "People voted for Trump cuz of their whiteness" Ok. So people voted for Obama cuz of their blackness?

Reason #Romo 's felt 'like a retirement speech' is cuz the tone is of a guy throwing his body on the grenade of 'QB controversy.'

You didn't vote 4 Trump cuz of his health care or tax policies. You voted 4 him cuz you wanted him to blow it up, tear it down or drain it.


Most popular questions

What does cuz stand for?

cuz stands for "Cousin"

How to abbreviate "Cousin"?

"Cousin" can be abbreviated as cuz

What is the meaning of cuz abbreviation?

The meaning of cuz abbreviation is "Cousin"

What does cuz mean?

cuz as abbreviation means "Cousin"

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