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Additional Income for Dependants & Spouse
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What does AIDS mean? It stands for Additional Income for Dependants & Spouse

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Oh yeah, Trump will stand up for working people. 7 of his 13 top economic aids are Wall Street bankers. Just what the country needs more of.

This is encouraging progress: since 2005, deaths from both HIV/AIDS and malaria have been reduced by 40%.

We choose between 2 crappy options. Clinton is like Strep Throat. Trump is like AIDS. Nobody WANTS to choose Strep. but AIDS is way worse

I bet he didn't use it to help AIDS patients in Africa

Me: I gave it to my kid one time when she was hurt and now she wants them all the time. She's addicted. Friend: Painkillers? Me: Band-Aids

Wild Female AIDS Skrillex Caught on Camera -

Deep breathing aids in the circulation of blood and fosters spiritual cleansing.

A write-in vote for Mike Pence is a principled vote for a man whose policies created an unnecessary AIDS crisis LAST YEAR

As president, @HillaryClinton would expand ACA to cover 9mil more. Has also pledged to end HIV & AIDS epidemic in US & worldwide #Debates

And not just that: Mike Pence wanted to cut AIDS funding and use the money instead to cure gays of being gay.

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Apple brings AirPod-style streaming, Live Listen #accessibility to MFi hearing aids

VIDEO: @SCNationalGuard aids first responders evacuate citizen with medical emergency during #HurricaneMatthew

"Gays are perverted child molesters possessed by Satan and they deserve AIDS. But we're totally not a hate group."

.@AloeBlacc covers "Billie Jean" for @amfAR AIDS benefit compilation (exclusive)

More people die from air pollution than from HIV/AIDS and malaria combined. Another reason we must address #climatechange. #COP22 #GCFAS2016

To end #AIDS, we must end gender inequality and violence. #HIVprevention

Students/academics deeply offended by Jefferson being quoted at school he founded. More of the stuff that aids Trump

Pls sign this petition today - it's ridiculous that London doesn't have a HIV/AIDS memorial, when even Moscow does.

Many degenerates are out tonight catching aids.


Most popular questions

What does AIDS stand for?

AIDS stands for "Additional Income for Dependants & Spouse"

How to abbreviate "Additional Income for Dependants & Spouse"?

"Additional Income for Dependants & Spouse" can be abbreviated as AIDS

What is the meaning of AIDS abbreviation?

The meaning of AIDS abbreviation is "Additional Income for Dependants & Spouse"

What does AIDS mean?

AIDS as abbreviation means "Additional Income for Dependants & Spouse"

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