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What does FU mean? It stands for Follow-Up

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You show me and sign of fu or fake u cut period

One time I rear ended a mini van because I was trying to watch Kung Fu Panda on their backseat DVD player

Love this! @KL2017 mascot Rimau getting slain by kung fu penalty kiddo. #HariSukanNegara #HSN2016 #JomTurunPadang

Not Kung Fu. Krav Maga, Kempo, Jui Jitsu. Eclectic blend of Arts, "Street Martial Arts" Blade, Sticks, Firearms.

10,000 people performing Shaolin Kung Fu together at the same time! Sneak peak of Shaolin Kung Fu Festival

#KungFuPanda director will tackle @jeffsmithsbone's Bone movie!

Video: Fu*%ed Over By #ObamaCare - Americans compelled to purchase insurance, or face financial penalty - #freedom

I like how Kung Fu movie the Nigerian Govt is. "Master, you promised us change!". "Ah young one, you must learn. Change begins with you."

'Kung Fu Panda' wrestles zoo intruder

We were just at the store & 2 guys made watahh noises & Kung fu poses at us & my dad got really mad. I asked why and he said that was racist

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Beautiful Visualization Captures The Motions Of A Kung Fu Fighter

The Kung Fu nuns of Nepal via @BBC_Travel

Bon dimanche #NRJHits 14h20 That's my girl 14h41 Love yourself 14h56 Kung Fu Fighting 15h14 Hair 16h35 Kiss you 18h45 Company

Fatevi due risate leggendo costui e le conseguenze della monetizzazione del debito E fu pure invitato da Bagnai...

"Kung Fu Panda's" Mark Osborne to direct animated "Bone" for Warner Bros.

There's a broken bone. Dudes with axes. #IronFist beating the hell out of dudes. Kung Fu moves on point. A lil Shaw Bros style. #MarvelNYCC

Morto Luciano #Rispoli, fu il re del "Tappeto Volante''

Watch the trailer for @RZA's re-score of the kung-fu classic 'The 36th Chamber of Shaolin':

We need more Black people (youth) working 'behind the scenes'. Not only upfront. It's our fu*kin' culture everyone is eatin' off of. #Truth


Most popular questions

What does FU stand for?

FU stands for "Follow-Up"

How to abbreviate "Follow-Up"?

"Follow-Up" can be abbreviated as FU

What is the meaning of FU abbreviation?

The meaning of FU abbreviation is "Follow-Up"

What does FU mean?

FU as abbreviation means "Follow-Up"

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