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What does cld mean? It stands for could

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The news media devoted almost no time to policy, and literally zero to the most important issue, climate. How cld policy have mattered? 4/

bannon: "i literally think only whites should be allowed to live" NYT: "critics say bannon's comments cld be construed as racial in nature"

Modi's so cld missile agnst blk mny has misfired due to total mismanagement.It has hit n fallen on comn man who is grieving at bank counters

If you'd like a boost for your business, tweet me between 5-7.30pm today & you cld be an #SBS winner! #businessboost

Hope there was one channel that cld just report facts. Not pro BJP or anti BJP. Not pro Congress or anti Congress. Just facts. Tall ask

In the end, cld be that supposed great businessman Trump is brought down by his own managerial incompetence. HRC runs a vastly superior org.

Media Sources tell me CM Kejriwal cld BJP ldrs "neech" at Yamuna Aarti event.Apart from verbal diarrhea he's also suffering from BJP phobia.

talk in law enforcement circles Anthony Weiner is cooperating w @FBI in a way that cld implicate @HillaryClinton FBI spox declined comment

Maybe @IndianExpress has some parallel stock exchange functioning out of its posterior. Cld expln "JUST IN" figures on a day markets r shut

who was it who speculated the Trump empire was a Ponzi scheme & the only way Trump cld prevent it from collapsing was by becoming president?

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FM @NicolaSturgeon tells @SPERIshefuni that single market is the best basis for minimising damage that Brexit cld do to higher education

losing Brexit case when she cld have gone to Commons in 1st place & got A50 authorisation. Quite a list for someone who just entered No10.

Modiji cld be emulating the Erdogan playbook. Same slippery slip. Modern-day Sultan of Turkey started power-grab gradually at first as well.

Fascinating part of 2016: Trump cld well win both quintessential battlegrounds of the aughts: FL & OH & still lose because of VA, CO and NC

Trump NV suit is alleging people got in line post-poll closing time...if true, cld be a problem

sad thing is #clinton shoulda been elected in '08, but Obama stole th nomination from her in Texas. After her dems cld have run @SenSanders

"Hillary Clinton remains very popular among Latinos & cld win as much as 79% of the Latino vote, surpassing the 75% Pres Obama won in 2012."

3: progressive districts that cld sustain lib members, vote them into office and keep them there. Teachout great opportunity for that.

If China seen as stalwart defender of climate action, cld gain adv over US on other issues says D Sandalow #science


Most popular questions

What does cld stand for?

cld stands for "could"

How to abbreviate "could"?

"could" can be abbreviated as cld

What is the meaning of cld abbreviation?

The meaning of cld abbreviation is "could"

What does cld mean?

cld as abbreviation means "could"

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