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For The Record
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What does FTR mean? It stands for For The Record

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#repost @phish_ftr 3 amazing nights of phish at #SPAC !

Hard to keep track of U.S. aerial massacres at this point, FTR this isn't the same Kunduz bombing as few months ago:

Frmr Lvrpl dfndr SKRTL jks h 'wn't lk bttr thn Brd Ptt' ftr ns srgry

So just ftr...the black woman whose life was threatened at gas station by white male Trump fans post election? False

Hawaii is first state to put gun owners in federal database. FTR, databases are not new: Facebook, DMV, IRS, SocialSec, Google, YouTube...

And @GlennThrush has deleted his tweet. FTR, it was (paraphrased) "sorta glad he's not dead, hope he knows how we in MSM now feel."

Oh, and ftr, next time you call Sansa "a dimwit" I want you to remember Jon throwing a whole battle because he couldn't handle his feels.

One thing before I go - I survived a Rachel Sylvester interview (paywall). Though, ftr, never grew up on an estate.

And ftr, I love you guys and I love that you care. It makes all of the blood, sweat, and angst that went into those pages worth it.

Ps Never complain or never explain, but FTR I am very very single & not seeing anyone. Facts straight please u silly reporters !

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And FTR, I still think Trump is a boorish jackass, completely unfit for office. Unfortunately, he's our boorish jackass. Thanks, @Reince.

(ftr, I'd rather cops don't have to shoot anybody - I'm just appalled that they shoot black folx up the wazoo but this kid is still alive)

Real quick. Tim Duncan is retiring. Salute. FTR, the list is: Jordan Jabbar Bron Russell Wilt Magic Bird Duncan Dream Shaq

2-3! Zaza scored for #Juventus! (Not a penalty ftr) #WHUJuve

and this was only recently, ftr. unlearning things is hard, but especially if you wont even try

The interviewer makes Mehbooba's case for her with the same end result. FTR We are not in talks with PDP either :)

Between 1987-88 and 2004-05, there were 47 individual seasons witha 3Pr > .350 and a FTr > .350: Reggie Miller had 10 of them.

This is the welcome the NDP gives media at priority workshops. (FTR the Liberals let us listen at these meetings)

Hmm..I guess you're new. 3X Bell's palsy facial paralysis. FTR..I'm F'N ecstatic, Mark. Buying a tee??


Most popular questions

What does FTR stand for?

FTR stands for "For The Record"

How to abbreviate "For The Record"?

"For The Record" can be abbreviated as FTR

What is the meaning of FTR abbreviation?

The meaning of FTR abbreviation is "For The Record"

What does FTR mean?

FTR as abbreviation means "For The Record"

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