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Gorgeous and Young
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What does GAY mean? It stands for Gorgeous and Young

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Hillary Clinton is privately against gay marriage

Memo to President-elect Trump: Just like "gay marriage," (aka equality) has been settled, so too has Roe. We're not going back.

hello my name is bex and yes the rumors are true I am v gay Live on YouNow in 10 minutes

And then there's ppl that call me "gay" as if it's an insult. Like bro I hope I discover I'm bi one day so I can cop your brother & sister.


Trump on gay marriage to 60 Mins: "These cases have gone to the Supreme Court. They've been settled. And- I'm-- I'm fine with that."

Corrupt, gay killing, women stoning Middle Eastern dictatorships endorse Hillary.

More gay positive vibes in a few hours By the way, absolutely love your guys fanart

if u think pink is gay, talk to my mans jesus.

if trump wins i hope i end up in the same gay camp as anderson cooper

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@LetsBoyhunt My sexual orientation aside. To say gay ppl can only be understood or portrayed by other gay ppl is sad and alienating, no?

We are not going to accept a president trying to divide us up. Our enemies are not our fellow Americans who are Latino or Muslim or gay.

A survivor of gay conversion therapy shares his chilling story

Dislike "homophobic bigots are secretly gay" concept b/c 1. Sexuality is a spectrum 2. Puts blame for homophobia back on queer community

no offense but i'm gay

we are all equal. I'm all for equality. please don't take my gay tweets as me saying boys aren't as good as girls. WE ARE EQUAL!!

Openly gay Democratic senate candidate Jim Gray out-performed Hillary by 10% in Kentucky

Not to be lost in all the post-election news is this FL bill, which would allow hospices to refuse gay patients.

.@UtadaHikaru debuted a new song penned from the perspective of a gay person falling for a straight friend. (!!!)


Most popular questions

What does GAY stand for?

GAY stands for "Gorgeous and Young"

How to abbreviate "Gorgeous and Young"?

"Gorgeous and Young" can be abbreviated as GAY

What is the meaning of GAY abbreviation?

The meaning of GAY abbreviation is "Gorgeous and Young"

What does GAY mean?

GAY as abbreviation means "Gorgeous and Young"

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