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Lots of laugh out louds
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What does LOLOL mean? It stands for Lots of laugh out louds

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Hillary: "I take classified materials very seriously." LOLOL Trump fact checks: "She didn't even know "C" meant classified info." #debate

Trump's response to saying he grabs pu**y, is "I'm going to defeat ISIS" LOLOL #debate


yall kill me just now feeling unsafe... lolol... I'm sorry but NYPD has followed me for two years. No feminist put no safety pins on

Man dont u ever fall down again. You're a playmaker that happens to play corner. Lolol Take it to the house. #Truth

Lukas attempts comedy lolol

"how do you not open my texts for three hours is that even possible?" lolol

FACT CHECK: he can release his returns any time lolol #debatenight

Wow....TRUMP is really freaking out on this debate! He's gonna spiral out before this debate is over!!! Lolol

Atlanta lets get up for our @AtlantaFalcons and give them the love they deserve as of now. Lolol #Truth

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So...this wouldn't turn out the way you think it would. And by this logic, Trump couldn't evn vote. Lolol

Hottest reality show since The Jersey Shore lolol

LMAO when asked one thing that she respects about DT, HRC opts for "his children" lolol

Trump will never be my president .. sorry I'll pass I'll act like he's just not even a facto lolol

I can't wait to buy up all the cheap farmland to raise my family once all the Hillary voters move out! Lolol

Me 2! Lolol

@keaton can i please be there when you do it lolol

@MossyOG i actually dont have the faze twitter anymore lolol

@taramassicotte why is this me lolol


Most popular questions

What does LOLOL stand for?

LOLOL stands for "Lots of laugh out louds"

How to abbreviate "Lots of laugh out louds"?

"Lots of laugh out louds" can be abbreviated as LOLOL

What is the meaning of LOLOL abbreviation?

The meaning of LOLOL abbreviation is "Lots of laugh out louds"

What does LOLOL mean?

LOLOL as abbreviation means "Lots of laugh out louds"

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