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What does Rents mean? It stands for Parents

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When Trump raises rents for his campaign events and offices he steals from his own campaign. Imagine what he would steal from America?

One campaign will have the $$$ to remind people with ads. The other will be paying higher rents to Trump Tower.

Toronto rents even higher than we thought, says new data on listings #topoli

What good is excuses when the rents due? -NipHussle #NoExcuses #NoExplanations

A move away from oil rents will change our economy for the better. And it will also change our politics for the better.

New Updated Rental Data Shows Average Rents in #Toronto and across @Canada by @RentSeeker

"We have the information, but nobody contacted us," said a man in Russia whose company rents server space to hackers

5-pass the anti corruption bills sent about a year ago by PMB,Speaker Dogara and others must refund hundred of millions collected for rents

Come on! Trump rents his own building and buys his own books, with money from campaign and donors! WAKE UP! He's no good!

Let's be fair. A lot of the time it's hiding in 'rents basement

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Trump Rents Old Post Office from Feds. Yet he will appoint head of GSA. Conflict? One of many possible. Take a look

Landlords are slashing rents across the U.S. Haven't you noticed?

So wait, when you build more housing, rents sometimes actually go DOWN? Huh.

So many stories of people profiteering from quakes - selling water for $10 a bottle, landlords putting up rents. It's heartless.

A top Japanese university is offering cheaper rents for female students

The social enterprise repurposing vacant buildings to offer space to people unable to afford London commercial rents

Denver apartment rents keep falling. (Welcome news for millennials.) #Denver

The CPI includes rents but not prices. Better go bandage that thumb.

.@OllyGrender asks minister if there is any evidence a ban on agent fees would push up rents. Minister provides none.


Most popular questions

What does Rents stand for?

Rents stands for "Parents"

How to abbreviate "Parents"?

"Parents" can be abbreviated as Rents

What is the meaning of Rents abbreviation?

The meaning of Rents abbreviation is "Parents"

What does Rents mean?

Rents as abbreviation means "Parents"

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