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I Sincerely Love All Muslims
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What does ISLAM mean? It stands for I Sincerely Love All Muslims

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Indian Mullahs caught with suitcases full of 'black money" hoarded in the name of Islam. by mosques. #DeMonetisation

Flynn has said that Islam is "cancer," and that fear of Muslims is "rational."

Who Ahmad Khan Rahami represents: Himself Who He doesn't represent: -Islam -Muslims -Afghans -Sikhs -Anybody else stereotyped as Muslim

Ahmad Khan Rahami doesn't represent Islam. He doesn't represent Muslims. He represents only himself, & if guilty, only he is to blame.

.@GenFlynn: I want Islamic world leaders to speak out tonight about radical Islam. #KellyFile #NiceFrance

Gus Mus: Islam Kita Bukan 'Islam Saudi Arabia'

Flynn does not see a distinction between Islam and radical Islam. This is quite a worldview to bring into the NSC.

At least 11 members of the Trump transition team have held positions on Muslims that are considered Islamophobic

Trump's new National Security Adviser called Islam "a cancer" that "hides behind being a religion." Yet another middle finger to the world.

Britain Today: Leaflets distributed outisde a London Mosque calling on UK Muslims to kill those who insult Islam.

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India's Modified. America might get Trumped? What will happen in #Pakistan? Islam teaches me #LoveTrumpsHate pray all vote their conscious.

Govt shows spine 1st time. But says TT 'not essential to Islam'. So, if a religion says murder, rape essential, we'll allow? #EndTripleTalaq

"How can you say it's Islam when you kill a child?" Former ISIL fighters speak out:

"Say 'radical islam'"

Saudi feminist Souad al-Shammary roots her arguments in Islam, takes on kingdom's powerful religious establishment.

Nation of Islam

One day, you'll be just a memory for people. Do your best to be a good one. #Muslims #Islam #life

. ATTN New Delhi: Canadian Jihadi terror suspect #CarlosLarmond, a convert to Islam is now in #India. @neelakantha

Kiai Said: Pernyataan Ahok Menyinggung Umat Islam


Most popular questions

What does ISLAM stand for?

ISLAM stands for "I Sincerely Love All Muslims"

How to abbreviate "I Sincerely Love All Muslims"?

"I Sincerely Love All Muslims" can be abbreviated as ISLAM

What is the meaning of ISLAM abbreviation?

The meaning of ISLAM abbreviation is "I Sincerely Love All Muslims"

What does ISLAM mean?

ISLAM as abbreviation means "I Sincerely Love All Muslims"

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