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What does bcuz mean? It stands for because

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Keep riding that bandwagon,, bcuz you would no what team I'm talkin about

Preachers are about to make 20 billion in their churches this month bcuz all black people do is run to church when they're scared.

Posting bcuz bored

I love great listeners when texting bcuz honestly I like doing all the talking I don't even need a reply, I just wanna know you read it

Have u ever stayed w some1 even tho u knew it was over?But u stayd bcuz u still loved them & u didn't wanna leave them in this cold world

it's so cute when people think im crazy bcuz 98% of the crazy has yet to surface

Brief summary of the Internet tomorrow: Trump voter: WE BETTER WIN. IF WE DON'T IT'S BCUZ IT'S RIGGED Rest of the world: WE HOPE IT'S RIGGED

I feel like I don't suit being in Vegas bcuz my personality and brain belongs in a forest with a reptile on my left shoulder or something

Hey @VanJones68 I'm reachin out bcuz I want u 2 know that i hear ur words&want u2 keep fighting the good fight.We r u. #NofearNoGreedNoEnvy.

Please outwork me...my request, not bcuz it can't be done, but instead bcuz I will be forced to find the next level!

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I don't believe Hillary didn't get elected bcuz she's a woman. I believe Trump got elected bcuz he empowered the ignorant w insolence.

Just bcuz I don't talk abt race/racism the way u want me 2, or don't express outrage when u want, doesn't mean I don't know what racism is.

I really can't believe how healthcare system works in the US. Orthopedic surgeons are refusing to see me , bcuz my work was done elsewhere

Dear #DNC, plz listen 2 our country. U stopped @BernieSanders bcuz u thought u knew better than us. Listen to the roar, not backroom chatter

Those of us who often tweet anti Hillary/ pro @realDonaldTrump were specifically asked NOT to bcuz 9/11 (he will get no credit) #character

I can't sleep...I got a taste for some damn tacos. The only reason why I'm not going to drive to Taco Bell & destroy some tacos is Bcuz

Some ppl are saying WW1/2 bcuz of the collar, but dude is looking UPWARD! Titan? My bet is Battlefield 2143.

Tow truck owner said he refused to tow woman's car bcuz he saw signs for Sanders in her car

When u have to read a text over & over again bcuz u can't even begin to comprehend what this person is saying to u


Most popular questions

What does bcuz stand for?

bcuz stands for "because"

How to abbreviate "because"?

"because" can be abbreviated as bcuz

What is the meaning of bcuz abbreviation?

The meaning of bcuz abbreviation is "because"

What does bcuz mean?

bcuz as abbreviation means "because"

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