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What does o rly mean? It stands for oh really

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Baird banning dog racing from the good of his heart? O RLY? Here are the land values around Wentworth Park.

"We don't need cable," he said. "Everything we watch is on the Internet," he said. O RLY? WHAT ABOUT OLYMPIC GYMNASTICS, HUSB?

Some Fox guy thinks Trump "did an extremely good job" containing the fallout of the NBC tape. O RLY?


@BobSaietta @voraciousbrain o rly

MFA: @foreignoffice said re murder of Ukr lawyer Grabovsky that they don't comment on criminal cases abroad. O RLY?

i've created a monster. i'm oppenheimer. I was like "hey, there's an atomic bomb here." everyone was like "o rly?"

Most popular questions

What does o rly stand for?

o rly stands for "oh really"

How to abbreviate "oh really"?

"oh really" can be abbreviated as o rly

What is the meaning of o rly abbreviation?

The meaning of o rly abbreviation is "oh really"

What does o rly mean?

o rly as abbreviation means "oh really"

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