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Reply to stupid comment or action
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What does DERP mean? It stands for Reply to stupid comment or action

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Latest tracking poll TWITTER Likely tweeters Derp 32% Bots 21% Angry Eggs 15% Blarg 14% Pepes in Mom's Basement 12% Didn't click link 6%

Reno incident is Trump campaign in a nutshell:fear, jitters, freakout, spasm of Derp & violence, followed by manufacture of heroic fantasy.

"It's a conspiracy theory!" Derp. Here's sick Hillary chumming it with Rothschild family.

Was it only yesterday I suggested that bad polls would send Trump into a derp spiral (TM)? It's happening with stunning speed.

Yeah, it doesn't work like that, herp derp.

I derp for puppies. So glad these cuties came to my show! Please support @animalleague and #GetYourRescueOn.

I'm the one with the unintentional derp face.

Everything tonight confirms my theory of Trump campaigns as Space Cowboys of sexual assault,aggression and derp. kerik, flynn, trump, bannon

@DaithiDeNogla and by later I meant tomorrow... derp

Huff/538 War is also clogging my curated feed of Numbers Nerds with derp artillery. Pls stop, guys.

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@ChrissyCostanza @ElliottIngham @ATC_BAND @DanielGow @joebradyphoto everyone do the derp

Except when it was literally divided. For over four years. #derp

My name is derp. My sign is derp. My number is derp. You need to derpy derp.

My day on Twitter has been a relentless storm of right wing derp, hate speech, racism and antisemitism. Wheee!

Between Milo fans, WikiLeaks zealots, and Bernie dead-enders, the past two weeks here have been one big nexus of derp.

Was it a derp?!????

Oh it's the typical #SJW argument. "If you're against abortion you should have been aborted!!" Derp derp.

I just found this on my phone 1 part coconut 2 parts Jimmy Neutron 0.5 parts super Saiyan And a solid 10 parts derp

Yeah, "Veep" accurately portrays DC as a derp asylum. And it's good!


Most popular questions

What does DERP stand for?

DERP stands for "Reply to stupid comment or action"

How to abbreviate "Reply to stupid comment or action"?

"Reply to stupid comment or action" can be abbreviated as DERP

What is the meaning of DERP abbreviation?

The meaning of DERP abbreviation is "Reply to stupid comment or action"

What does DERP mean?

DERP as abbreviation means "Reply to stupid comment or action"

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