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Did not, didn't
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What does DINT mean? It stands for Did not, didn`t

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Before I left for the carribeAn , u asked me for this!! Dint u?@prithinarayanan

Im a 6ft big mouth crazy hair having black woman with size twelve feet. If I dint got my sense of humor I got nothing. Good night......

Woman dint take AAP MLA's name, neither in dying statement, nor in FIR, nor before magistrate still he was arrested!

She knew 5 languages bt dint remember her home or fmly. Sakinaka Pstn reunited P.Adhikari with fmly within 4 days.

If Nehruji loved children nd hence his birthday declared as children's day,does it mean Gandhiji,Patelji,Shastriji and others dint like?

Man if I had this briefcase....I dint know mane. Love these books!

It's kind of interesting to watch white men struggle with the narrative that they are inherently criminal by dint of their identity.

@kamaalrkhan don't know about Mohenjadaro cos I dint see,but it's unfair tht me Aag director has to be also blamed for other directors Aags

#KidambiSrikanth u dint win t match bt u won alot of hearts all ova the wrld.... respect...wat a player

I dint get that plaque! But yall been giving me sold out concerts! Millions in views & Streams! $ in my bank Account! Yall the greatest!!

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@tellychakkar @roshghosh Demure & dynamic :) Good read Rosh! No questions on you & starbucks? They dint get their research right!

Bigup the band @MusicalLunatics last night!! No rehearsal they dint even know ild be showing up!! & we Jammed!!

Following the #electionnight. Dint imagine it to be so close, especially after the debates when we had a clear winner.

Awesome @jetairways . I come to board wt my staff and am told u dint block seats so its a full flight. Why did u book tickets???


Half yall dint even vote...Twitter polls don't count!

Mazak masti dint end yesterday! The houseful team is back on 21st May on #TheKapilSharmaShow! Are you excited? @akshaykumar @Riteishd

the viewer needs to be regenerated. As Luchini says in the film, about the landscape: by dint of seeing it, one no longer sees it. Even when

Congrats to everyone who won last night and those who dint it's already a win channel that energy to winning next time #VGMAs2016


Most popular questions

What does DINT stand for?

DINT stands for "Did not, didn't"

How to abbreviate "Did not, didn't"?

"Did not, didn't" can be abbreviated as DINT

What is the meaning of DINT abbreviation?

The meaning of DINT abbreviation is "Did not, didn't"

What does DINT mean?

DINT as abbreviation means "Did not, didn't"

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