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What does YEP mean? It stands for Yes

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Obama said this election was a referendum on his legacy--yep! You got it! Happy to oblige!

*record scratch* *freeze frame* yep that's me. you're probably wondering how i ended up in this situation

'The White House'. Yep. Sounds about right.

Pat Caddell has been following polls for decades. Says that "something very strange is going on this year and we are in for a shock." Yep.

Most commonly heard phrase today: "Who'd you vote for?" Followed closely by "You look like that one guy from the debate." Yep, I sure do.

Nigel Farage is in Trump tower meeting the president and former shadow chancellor Ed Balls is dancing gangnam style on #Strictly. Yep.

DONALD TRUMP IN FLORIDA - "The pollsters are lying to you. We are winning and doing much better with women than they say." Yep.

Another night game? At Camp Randall Stadium?? Against another top-10 team??? Yep. #OnWisconsin

5yo: have we only ever had white people as our Prime Minister? Me: yep 5yo: well, we need to work on THAT

Guy: are you the mommy writer? Me: what do you do? Guy: lawyer. Me: got kids? Guy: yep, two. Me: are you the daddy lawyer?

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Trump gets 47% of vote. yep, better blow up Dem Party.

*record scratch* *freeze frame* Yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation

*record scratch* *freeze frame* Yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got into this mess.

@matt__kean @TraffordPhoto98 @bmthofficial @olobersyko @madmanmalia yep we'll be playing for the full 16 minutes

@LaurenJauregui Yep, women are our future. If they ran the earth, it would be a better place.

A rain delay in a tie game to a pair of teams that have waited a combined 176 years...yep, that seems right!!!

Right in the middle of the #Game7 celebration? Yep, @Lids gave Josh Galvan a chance to deliver swag on the field.

Asked if A&M can run football against Alabama, OC Noel Mazzone said, "Yep." Told Tennessee couldn't run, NM said, "We're not Tennessee."

Great. Rain?! Let's cancel the game. Might as well. Yep. I'm calling it. Tie game, split the trophy, no sense playing in this slop.


Most popular questions

What does YEP stand for?

YEP stands for "Yes"

How to abbreviate "Yes"?

"Yes" can be abbreviated as YEP

What is the meaning of YEP abbreviation?

The meaning of YEP abbreviation is "Yes"

What does YEP mean?

YEP as abbreviation means "Yes"

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