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What does L2M mean? It stands for Listening to Music

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Statement via the National Basketball Referees Association, a call to end the L2M reports:

Excellent officiating by our crew Sunday. However, even when it speaks well of us, public release of L2M should end.

We had 11 calls on the L2M report in Rockets-Mavs. All correct or correct non calls.

Game of Thrones was crazy. Can't wait for the L2M report.

Last nights game did not meet the L2M criteria

The NBA's Spurs-Thunder L2M report confirms what every group of delinquent children already knows: If we scatter, they can't catch all of us

I've got a feeling this will make the NBA's L2M report on Tuesday...but it won't change anything

NBA L2M report shows 2 missed calls that would have given Rockets 4 late fts, though Harden would not have had 3 if 1 of fouls was called.

Due to technical issues today's L2M's are delayed and will be posted as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Summary of the L2M report: Ginobili on the line, Waiters fouled Ginobili, Mills fouled Adams, Kawhi fouled Westbrook, Ibaka fouled Aldridge.

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Pop on L2M reports: "An odd practice"

And the L2M report tomorrow will tell the Heat that those two FTs should not count.

Those turnovers two hours ago won't be in the L2M report. And they were far more costly than anything else.

Last nights game did not meet the L2M criteria

Big for L2M page views

Dikembe Mutombo's tweet should be in tomorrow's L2M report. #HoopIdea

Last nights game did not meet the L2M criteria

NBA's L2M Report says Westbrook wasn't only one who traveled, Curry did too.

Last nights game did not meet the L2M criteria


Most popular questions

What does L2M stand for?

L2M stands for "Listening to Music"

How to abbreviate "Listening to Music"?

"Listening to Music" can be abbreviated as L2M

What is the meaning of L2M abbreviation?

The meaning of L2M abbreviation is "Listening to Music"

What does L2M mean?

L2M as abbreviation means "Listening to Music"

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