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What does Tab mean? It stands for Tablet

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Password cracked for Obama cabinet vetting list: 'change'. See attachment tab on

i love online shopping and putting everything i want in a cart then checking my subtotal and laughing and closing the tab

@news965wdbo We have checked. It is real. See "attachment" tab for #PodestaEmails ID 4036

Accidentally closed a tab on Chrome desktop? Get it back quickly with Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + T! #Chrometips

All my verified mentions are gone. Verified users have a special tab to show mentions from other verified users, and poof. #Gone.

This is what you get when you click on the "immigration" tab on Canada's website right now, btw

Horror movie pitch: She's online, and suddenly loud audio blurts out from an autoplay video -- but WHICH TAB IS IT COMING FROM??

thank the higher power for the 'date created' tab

Kahani khatm hui tab mujhe khayal aaya Tere siwa bhi to kirdar the kahani mein #FarhatEhsas #shair

Bagi kalian yang baru hadir silahkan cek Peraturan untuk Kuis #HOT4MORE pada Tab Likes ya :) #InfinixIndonesia

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Well done, Blue. Good job, Coach Tab @iHob1111 you prepared the boys well. Cheers! #OneBigFight

I invented the perfect gum today. One spearmint tab and one bubblegum tab together. #behindthebrains

Join our Beat the Dev event tomorrow by signing up on the @PlayStation events tab.

$1,700 a year per average family. The tab on Mayor Emanuel's series of tax hikes:

Just keep this @nytpolitics tab open until we can call it a day:

#PFCFCM (TAB 2-4) Grosse lucarne d'@NguetteO !

Theo Epstein can now walk into any almost any bar, in any U.S. city, and count on someone picking up his tab.

The Dallas Cowboys Hazed Their Rookies By Making Them Cover A $55,000 Dinner Tab:

Months before smog engulfed Delhi,pollution inspectors transferred by Delhi govt, leaving only handful to keep a tab


Most popular questions

What does Tab stand for?

Tab stands for "Tablet"

How to abbreviate "Tablet"?

"Tablet" can be abbreviated as Tab

What is the meaning of Tab abbreviation?

The meaning of Tab abbreviation is "Tablet"

What does Tab mean?

Tab as abbreviation means "Tablet"

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