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What does OD mean? It stands for OverDose

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Main Street in North Myrtle Beach underwater. This is from our SkyCam on OD Resort #scwx

SL: "OD SOM we have LOS" AA: "SOM OD confirmed" SL: "This is the end of the @ESA_Rosetta mission, thank you and goodbye" #CometLanding

I call this photo: Sesame OD #sesameplace

Why I like @MarkHalperin . He is one od the few straight-shooting journos

Pocitani na vecerni usnuti od @CTK_news

Lost my OD Green knife at the airport... Replacing it with the Orange version. @Coldsteelknives

Salem beat Darkshad Shogun Kamemushi 6WX Dath Abadango x2 This is why hes in Team OD

I've thought about this all night. The person who gets stuck without camo, rewind, reactive armor gets OD and a useless trait. LMAO.

Penzionerima je 2015.g. vlada uzela 20 milijardi din. Na kredit od milijardu $ je platila 29 milijradi din. Znaju li ponzioneri?

North Carolina kicker OD'd on swag after beating FSU. Love this

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Not for nothing, he's building this stairway OD fast, yo. Lmaooooo

It's about the ODs Not the usage Trust me on this lol Once the OD rate goes down (via greater Narcan distribution), they'll stop caring

Team OD (As of 10/8/16) - Green Tea - Portable chargers - Kie's last stock in crews - Team OD - Kamemush - David Fry - Salem - Rice Crisp

Also, they're cutting heroin with different stuff these days, which leads to higher OD rates, esp for OTC transfers and newbies

Sim training at ESOC yesterday for @ESA_TGO #Mars arrival Flt Ops Director (OD) Mischa Schmidt fed the team #exomars

Cesto se pitam kako se ljudi ne umore od tolikog besa?

Rash of heroin OD's blamed, in part, on elephant tranquilizer! More:

Ocena poznavalca od znotraj. Da vidimo sedaj @RTV_Slovenija in @24UR , ki so Ljudmilo poosebili za demokracijo.


Most popular questions

What does OD stand for?

OD stands for "OverDose"

How to abbreviate "OverDose"?

"OverDose" can be abbreviated as OD

What is the meaning of OD abbreviation?

The meaning of OD abbreviation is "OverDose"

What does OD mean?

OD as abbreviation means "OverDose"

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