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What does DEF mean? It stands for Defence

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Tory Lanez on 'Litty' is def a candidate for Feature of the Year. Got to be. Mans bodied the track.

My top PERFORMANCES of wk 11 Team 1-Iowa 2-Pitt 3-USC 4-Ole Miss 5-UGA Player 1-S.Patterson 2-K.Ferentz 3-UGA Def 4-T.Koufie 5-J.Hurts

MI is def 100% in with Trump ahead by 13,000. I'm not sure what they are waiting for calling it unless it's the <.05% thing.

'Donnie Darko' is back in ultra high-def and more mind melting than ever:

Some uncle just met me on a flight & said that he loves #JabTak! That meant so much to me. True and honest music def reaches out to people.

UT's freshman/sophomore classes: *195 combined career starts (97 off/98 def) *120 combined starts in 2016 (most nationally) #HookEm #Believe

Feel your pain, bro. Got a shirt just like it sayin' I ain't Solange OR Mos Def. #StayStrongBrother

.@KaitlinSchade def have a minor crush on him

Twitter def crashing tonight

FINAL | #Auburn def. North Florida 83-66 behind Bryce Brown's 19 pts. #WarEagle

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Tonight at Child Def Fund in DC, "Hillary will urge Americans -- including everyone who supported her campaign -- not to give up," per aide

89 Hazard v 90 Hazard 91 Pace 91 92 Drib 93 84 Shot 86 84 Pass 87 35 Def 36 67 Phys 68 Such a small upgrade tbh, for Tradable v untrd.

Covering your hair def makes you a terrorist enabler.

If you voted Trump, I'd argue with you. If you were in trouble, I'd help you. If you were starving, I would def feed you. #LoveTrumpsHate

Kanye 2020. Autotuned speeches incoming. He's def 3rd party free. In fact Kanye is so Kanye he is 4th party.

Who's excited for @DancingABC tonight? You can see by my face that I def am

Most def front 7 sacks+pressures (through Wk 10) Donald 52 Miller 49.5 Graham 46 Ford 39 Beasley 38.5 Atkins 37.5 Avril 37 Ingram 37

Do U know @narendramodi is the PM & not Manmohan Singh who wd have def. been your source to warn U.?

Hillary will win tomorrow but if she was running against a candidate that had just a tad more common sense than trump, she def would lose


Most popular questions

What does DEF stand for?

DEF stands for "Defence"

How to abbreviate "Defence"?

"Defence" can be abbreviated as DEF

What is the meaning of DEF abbreviation?

The meaning of DEF abbreviation is "Defence"

What does DEF mean?

DEF as abbreviation means "Defence"

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