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Sure Wish I had a Fast Truck
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What does SWIFT mean? It stands for Sure Wish I had a Fast Truck

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The betrayal of Trump's anti-Washington, anti-Wall Street base has been swift

Everyone's reaction to the rumors that Drake and Taylor Swift are dating:

hello hope ur havin a good day just wanted to remind u trump could be our president next week & drake is releasing an album w taylor swift

Welcome back to the #CMAawards50 stage Taylor Swift, it's been waiting for you.

At the age of 26, Taylor Swift is already the highest-earning celebrity in the world.

Watch Taylor Swift present Entertainer of the Year to Garth Brooks at 2016 #CMAawards

If Taylor Swift EVER brings up feminism again after staying quiet this election let's snake bomb her again.

Drake and Taylor Swift dating? Hotline Blank Space am i right


WAIT. Are Drake and Taylor Swift dating?

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After Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift during the 2009 MTV Awards, Comedy Central replayed South Park's 'Fishsticks' episode for 2 hours.

At his press conference yesterday, Obama tried to prepare the country for some swift reversals. My close read.

2020 Election: Trump vs Kanye 2024 Election: Kanye vs Kylie Jenner 2028 Election: Kanye vs Taylor Swift *2032 nuclear fallout

#ElectionDay 2016: Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, T.I., Taylor Swift & more stars who have voted

its times like these i wish taylor swift had dated donald trump so we could at least get a sick diss track out of all of this

You can mute WORDS?! Mutes: Trump, Taylor swift, Drake, body count, feminism, appropriation, reverse racism. I now have a perfect TL

GOAAAL! @Alexis_Sanchez the man to put @LaRoja on top with a swift shot to the bottom corner. #beINCONMEBOL

Japanese Efficiency: Timelapse of swift sinkhole repair

A Drake x Taylor Swift collab might really be happening


Most popular questions

What does SWIFT stand for?

SWIFT stands for "Sure Wish I had a Fast Truck"

How to abbreviate "Sure Wish I had a Fast Truck"?

"Sure Wish I had a Fast Truck" can be abbreviated as SWIFT

What is the meaning of SWIFT abbreviation?

The meaning of SWIFT abbreviation is "Sure Wish I had a Fast Truck"

What does SWIFT mean?

SWIFT as abbreviation means "Sure Wish I had a Fast Truck"

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