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What does FPS mean? It stands for Frames per second.

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PC players: we anticipate our patch including 30, 60 & unlimited fps options to go live by tonight, Pacific Time.

Don't let the Digital Cinema Industrial Complex fool you. 24 FPS is perfect. 4K is plenty. 2D forces immersion from craft, not tech.

The days you had to climb a ladder to get to the 2nd story of a building will forever be the golden days of FPS.

The Last of Us Remastered runs worse on PS4 Pro than standard PS4 at 60fps

In 8 days, @Respawn returns to raise the FPS bar again. 10 Ways #Titanfall2 is Different:

Mass Effect: Andromeda Is 30 FPS on PS4 and PS4 Pro.

I honestly loved the viewing experience of #BillyLynn and look forward to watching more dramas in that 120 fps-4K-3D format. #NYFF

BILLY LYNN'S LONG HALFTIME WALK: In the close-ups, which are gorgeous and unforgiving, I could see what Ang Lee liked about the 120 fps/4K.

Squad, the large-scale multiplayer military FPS, is free to play this weekend.

Do human eyes have a resolution and refresh rate? How many FPS can we really see?

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The highly anticipated 'Damaged Core' from @HVSGames is releasing this week. via @Hero_Kvatch #Rift #VR #FPS

Settling in for Ang Lee's @billylynnmovie at the @ArcLightCinemas Cinerama Dome in 120 fps 4K 3D. Sold out. The way they saw it at NYFF.

The level design in @Titanfallgame 2's campaign is simply amazing one of the most fun FPS campaigns I've ever played!

TEST de Killing Floor 2 : Le meilleur FPS de survie ?

Rainbow six siege is incredibly underrated imo, hands down best FPS available right now

Highly recommend @PlayOverwatch by the good people of @Blizzard_Ent if you like ultrafast team FPS action

16 thousand at a rock solid 60 fps if I disable entity shadows. I think I can stop optimizing this now.

ugh somehow my camera got switched to 30 fps & now I just shot a whole video & it is uGLy how unfun & unrelatable

Win a pair of the new FPS Freek S.C.A.R.!


Most popular questions

What does FPS stand for?

FPS stands for "Frames per second."

How to abbreviate "Frames per second."?

"Frames per second." can be abbreviated as FPS

What is the meaning of FPS abbreviation?

The meaning of FPS abbreviation is "Frames per second."

What does FPS mean?

FPS as abbreviation means "Frames per second."

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