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God Loves Everyone Equally
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What does GLEE mean? It stands for God Loves Everyone Equally

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From the network that brought you #Glee...get ready for music, drama and so much more. December 14 on #FOX!

Hey Gleeks! Check out the cast of #Glee in their most epic real-life #Halloween costumes:

i love glee i'm an emotional wreck

In case you're wondering why Mars seems to take such glee in smashing our poor landers, it's because the atmosphere is exactly wrong. >

Chilling to see top white supremacists' glee realizing that one of their own is GOP nominee >>> via @TPM

Everyone on MSNBC seems to be experiencing a complex mixture of anxiety, glee, schadenfreude, horror and full-body eye-twitchiness.

A magnificent hard-hitting piece!!! Why Is The Indian Media Bending Over With Such Glee For The Modi Government?

"What do you do?" "Newspaper journalist". "You're finished. Not long now". Thanks Uber man. I'll welcome driverless cars with glee.

@XavierWoodsPhD reacts with shock and glee at the brutal ways he is able to take out the demons of Hell in #DOOM!

Trump lies with particular glee when it comes to border security and immigrants and crime. Truly sad to see.

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I look forward to when the game industry and voice actors can get back to running down the street hand in hand with glee!#PERFORMANCEMATTERS

Lakers crowd going nuts with unexpected glee as they take a 118-114 lead into the final minute

Trump just said he might not accept the results of the election. Millions of teabaggers lock and load with glee. #debatenight


In a world of sadness, this @nbcsnl David Pumpkins sketch fills me with a glee saved for tail chasing dogs:

.@XavierWoodsPhD reacts with shock and glee at the brutal ways he is able to take out the demons of Hell in #DOOM!

I don't know anything about this but at face value it fills me with glee

Try again: "The Pentagon is well aware that the Russian military would greet a confrontation in Syria with glee"

If #Trump starts a Deportation Army I will immediately quit my cushy job and return to the working world with glee.


Most popular questions

What does GLEE stand for?

GLEE stands for "God Loves Everyone Equally"

How to abbreviate "God Loves Everyone Equally"?

"God Loves Everyone Equally" can be abbreviated as GLEE

What is the meaning of GLEE abbreviation?

The meaning of GLEE abbreviation is "God Loves Everyone Equally"

What does GLEE mean?

GLEE as abbreviation means "God Loves Everyone Equally"

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