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Mother Actually In Disguise
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What does MAID mean? It stands for Mother Actually In Disguise

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If HRC wins she will appoint her Filipino maid to head CIA. She already has access to all the secrets anyway. No need to train her.

Didn't know "maid girls" at a Pakistani's house couldn't be beautiful, and being compared to one could be offensive

Comparing me to "maid girls" is not at all offensive to me. Every human is beautiful!! And- who defines beauty anyway? Learn to #RESPECT all

It is time to pay your maid by cheque -- or by online transfer. Continue this fight against parallel economy. #DeMonetisation #BlackMoney

You make the maid lug your snotty brat, but won't share a table with her at a restaurant. You insist on being called memsahib / sahib. 5/n

You can't afford to be seen as haggling over sabji. So you get your maid to haggle over a bundle of saag and deny a rupee to the vendor. 4/n

Promo seru dari Alfamart! Beli 2 Minute Maid 350ml All Var cuma Rp 10.000 Yuk ke Alfamart sekarang!

Jannat; a maid servant only 9 years old. She wished to go her mother in Eid, she punished. Where is humanity now?

Your maid is a sickluar black money holding terrorist financier attacking India's greatest leader!

All the maid and driver and cook stories are pretty interesting. They all sound so similar though.. copyright issues anyone?

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Wonderful, stroppy Kate Lonergan was brilliant as wonderful, stroppy Maid Marian. Why isn't she on Twitter???

.@TiffanyATrump made a picture perfect maid of honor at her aunt's wedding:

'Tomorrow's Servants - Maid Without Tears' (1978)

Not your average French maid. More @Fendi apron dressing. #MFW

Did Hillary's maid have a security clearance?

Tickets for Super Bowl Opening Night at Minute Maid Park will be on sale soon. We will keep you updated here.

St. Joan of Arc tells us "Stick up for what you believe in!" The Maid of Orleans has a lot to tell us today.

Amazon appears to be prepping a maid service to offer to its Prime members

A few #NHLDraft prospects heading out on a tour of Niagara Falls with Maid of the Mist.


Most popular questions

What does MAID stand for?

MAID stands for "Mother Actually In Disguise"

How to abbreviate "Mother Actually In Disguise"?

"Mother Actually In Disguise" can be abbreviated as MAID

What is the meaning of MAID abbreviation?

The meaning of MAID abbreviation is "Mother Actually In Disguise"

What does MAID mean?

MAID as abbreviation means "Mother Actually In Disguise"

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