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Rumors are Usually Made Up Of Ridiculous Shit
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What does RUMORS mean? It stands for Rumors are Usually Made Up Of Ridiculous Shit

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hello my name is bex and yes the rumors are true I am v gay Live on YouNow in 10 minutes

MYM Entertainment responds to Lee Min Ho and Taylor Swift's dating rumors

Hey @danieljevon - your article is provably WRONG. Wikileaks did not direct people to my video & I didn't start the #SpiritCooking "rumors".

Latinos are largely Catholic. They hate the Devil and Demons especially. These rumors of Satan worship in HRC's Campaign can't help.

Today Rumors 1. RiceGum Making a vid on Idubbbz 2. Grade defending his BF Leafy attacking Idubbbz 3.@Idubbbz making another Leafy vid.

The rumors I hear about me that I know nothing about are hilarious... what are some of you people on to have an imagination like that?

Former #MCR guitarist @raytoro opens up on reunion rumors

Song Min Ho speaks up about dating rumors involving Heo Chan Mi

Trump, planting these rumors about State w/surprising names attached, is likely a head fake to show GOP openness. But still smart tactic.

Hey kids! Spread your own Trump cabinet rumors! Take the name of one (1) Republican and add the name of one (1) agency. Post. You're done!

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2 clarify: no bones were found at #DakotaAccessPipeline construction site yesterday. all claims online are spiraling rumors. plz spread word

Hearing rumors that the guy who goes "Let's get ready to ruuuuumble" is being considered for Secretary of Defense.

Floyd Mayweather responds to rumors about a potential return: "If you don't hear it from my mouth, it's not true."

"Reports surfaced" is how NYT today sources a potential cabinet nomination. It doesn't get thinner than that. All the rumors fit to print.

The rumors that I'm dating Taylor Swift are untrue. We're just friends, with benefits

Analysis: Trump's lengthy history of conspiracy theories and rumors

Sources feeding FBI rumors to Fox News and Trump campaign are spreading bad fiction

Jang Woo Hyuk addresses rumors of his opposition to an H.O.T reunion

hearing well-sourced rumors that Trump's pick for Agriculture Secretary is a picture of a cool gun


Most popular questions

What does RUMORS stand for?

RUMORS stands for "Rumors are Usually Made Up Of Ridiculous Shit"

How to abbreviate "Rumors are Usually Made Up Of Ridiculous Shit"?

"Rumors are Usually Made Up Of Ridiculous Shit" can be abbreviated as RUMORS

What is the meaning of RUMORS abbreviation?

The meaning of RUMORS abbreviation is "Rumors are Usually Made Up Of Ridiculous Shit"

What does RUMORS mean?

RUMORS as abbreviation means "Rumors are Usually Made Up Of Ridiculous Shit"

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