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Filling Lots Of Overflowing Drains
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What does FLOOD mean? It stands for Filling Lots Of Overflowing Drains

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Tim Kaine in 2005: "I am deeply opposed to illegal immigration." Describes them as a "flood". What a racist.

.@UNevadaReno: Get informed #BeforeYouVote. Catch a screening of #BeforetheFlood at your University on 11/3:

As Trump made a crude remark in private 10 years ago, we must now allow an endless flood of invaders into our country.

Paris' status as an open air migrant camp deepens after Calais migrants flood French capital.

.@PittTweet: See #BeforeTheFlood at your University on 11/2 at 8PM #BeforeYouVote:

.@UofCincy: Get informed. Catch a screening of #BeforetheFlood at your University #BeforeYouVote:

Crazy photo. Except for the fact that Daytona says there was no flood damage from today & this pic was from 2009

Odell Beckham Jr. will donate $500,000 to repair fields lost in Louisiana floods

To provide food &essentials to flood victims, rehabilitation efforts are on. Here are some images captured by drones

"Not my president" chants thunder as thousands flood streets against Trump

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Someone thought it was a good idea to flood the once peaceful Minnesota with Somalis.

Updated Flood Hazard Atlas for Assam State

Agenda items mentioned by Hensarling today: -fiduciary rule -payday rule -Fed reform -Fannie/Freddie -Flood ins.

Help Louisiana flood disaster victims. Text "FLOOD" to 77177 to donate.

Leonardo DiCaprio's climate change doc #BeforeTheFlood has over 60 million views

in the spaces between the mundanity of my everyday existence I must allow the echoes of love to squeeze through and flood my senses

Chinese steel is still expected to flood the global market next year

White supremacists plan to flood Twitter with 'fake black people'

Head of #CitizensUnited, who helped bring the latest flood of #MoneyInPolitics, is poised for top position w/ Trump


Most popular questions

What does FLOOD stand for?

FLOOD stands for "Filling Lots Of Overflowing Drains"

How to abbreviate "Filling Lots Of Overflowing Drains"?

"Filling Lots Of Overflowing Drains" can be abbreviated as FLOOD

What is the meaning of FLOOD abbreviation?

The meaning of FLOOD abbreviation is "Filling Lots Of Overflowing Drains"

What does FLOOD mean?

FLOOD as abbreviation means "Filling Lots Of Overflowing Drains"

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