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So Happy Its Tuesday
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What does SHIT mean? It stands for So Happy Its Tuesday

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-There will be a contested convention. -Nope, Donald Trump is nominee. -Wait, Donald Trump is the nominee? Shit. -Contested convention(?)

Cody Rho- shit. @PrinceCGR

THINGS YOU CAN PUT IN A TRK TRAILER -Black Ooze -A Fisker -Glowy Baubles -Emotionally Charged Gazes -Shit ton o' birds -Hooves, probably

Most popular questions

What does SHIT stand for?

SHIT stands for "So Happy Its Tuesday"

How to abbreviate "So Happy Its Tuesday"?

"So Happy Its Tuesday" can be abbreviated as SHIT

What is the meaning of SHIT abbreviation?

The meaning of SHIT abbreviation is "So Happy Its Tuesday"

What does SHIT mean?

SHIT as abbreviation means "So Happy Its Tuesday"

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