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Individuals Payed Hundreds On Nothing Exciting
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What does IPHONE mean? It stands for Individuals Payed Hundreds On Nothing Exciting

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#HowGreat Official Video featuring my cousin Nicole. Shot on iPhone. Lock yo screen

I want the iPhone 7 but the 7 upside down is an "L" and I don't take no L's

Just got the iPhone 7. This is my last time using this phone. Who should be the last person I follow on my iPhone 6?

Hillary's campaign pledge to untangle all iPhone headphones by 2019 is enough reason to get out there.

Some people have two hands. I have a left hand and an iPhone.

They say that even Apple is talking about bringing iPhone manufacturing back to the US! The Force of Trump is strong! <<lightsaber sound>>

Excited to work with @PunitRenjen @Deloitte to help businesses maximize the amazing capabilities of iOS,iPhone, iPad

TFW you can't even plug your new iPhone 7 into your new MacBook without a $35 cable...

I want a candidate to say, "I will fix the terrible new way you have to open your iPhone." #debatenight

Apple's annual profits fall for first time in 15 years as iPhone sales decline

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MI mala suerte es OFICIAL o mi problema con APARATOS! Mi iPhone SE HA ROTO... OTRA VEZ!! no me lo puedo...

Apple mulls moving iPhone production to US, report says via @fxnscitech

Apple patent reveals its latest foldable iPhone concept

I got an iPhone again! I forgot I had apple care woohoo! I feel like a new person!

You need an adapter to plug your iPhone into the new MacBook Pros

Totally unscientific blind Twitter comparison: iPhone 7 vs Google Pixel cameras. Can you tell which is which?

New Hack: How to Bypass iPhone Passcode to Access Photos and Messages #security

Woman Gets Her 20 Boyfriends to Buy Her 20 iPhone 7, Sold Them All, Brought a House

.@xiaomi, the 'Apple of China,' unveiled the #MiMIX and it's more powerful and better looking than the iPhone


Most popular questions

What does IPHONE stand for?

IPHONE stands for "Individuals Payed Hundreds On Nothing Exciting"

How to abbreviate "Individuals Payed Hundreds On Nothing Exciting"?

"Individuals Payed Hundreds On Nothing Exciting" can be abbreviated as IPHONE

What is the meaning of IPHONE abbreviation?

The meaning of IPHONE abbreviation is "Individuals Payed Hundreds On Nothing Exciting"

What does IPHONE mean?

IPHONE as abbreviation means "Individuals Payed Hundreds On Nothing Exciting"

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