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I Never Sleep On Most Nights, I'm Awake
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What does INSOMNIA mean? It stands for I Never Sleep On Most Nights, I`m Awake

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in a committed relationship with insomnia

"Najeeb may have left on his own. His doctor confirms he was on anti-depressants and other medication for insomnia, OCD." (Delhi Police)

There is a group of insomniacs who walk barefoot on the ground for 2 to 4 hours to cure their insomnia. They get a good sleep after that.

File under things that cause insomnia.

To find inspiration for his work, Czech writer Franz Kafka tapped into his insomnia and the vivid hallucinations it brought him.

A new therapy for insomnia: no more negative thoughts

RT this tweet to win ONE FAMILY ticket for #Insomnia59! TCs:

Queen of causing insomnia and poor performance at work the next day

Last day of Insomnia! My plans are meetup at 11, main stage at 2:15 and another signing at 4 but I want to start at 3 to meet more people :)

Missing JNU student #NajeebAhmed was on anti-depressants, taking medicines for insomnia and OCD: Police sources

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When it's too early to get up but too late to get back to sleep: #HarvardHealth #insomnia

Technology and sleep do not go well together. Can an app really cure insomnia?

This won't help your Trump-induced insomnia but please read:

Dana White -- Fires Back at Floyd Mayweather ... 'You're the Cure for Insomnia'

Can't sleep? Then you need Patti Smith's cure for insomnia:

I feel like I ran out of sleep and now there's no more sleep left so I can't sleep. Anyone else with me on the insomnia train?

The loss of productivity from insomnia is about $2,280/worker. Another reason why everyone needs sleep.

Trump shakeup story such a big get for @WSJ + well-timed roll-out left competition scrambling in the wee hours. Thank goodness for insomnia!

Beat your insomnia with this simple breathing exercise @entrylevelrebel


Most popular questions

What does INSOMNIA stand for?

INSOMNIA stands for "I Never Sleep On Most Nights, I'm Awake"

How to abbreviate "I Never Sleep On Most Nights, I'm Awake"?

"I Never Sleep On Most Nights, I'm Awake" can be abbreviated as INSOMNIA

What is the meaning of INSOMNIA abbreviation?

The meaning of INSOMNIA abbreviation is "I Never Sleep On Most Nights, I'm Awake"

What does INSOMNIA mean?

INSOMNIA as abbreviation means "I Never Sleep On Most Nights, I'm Awake"

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