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Learning Is Fun & Exciting, Lol, It Fucks Everything
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What does LIFE mean? It stands for Learning Is Fun & Exciting, Lol, It Fucks Everything

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this is the greatest 2 minutes and 20 secs of my entire life

Feels like a combination of Christmas Eve and the day before major, possibly life-threatening surgery.

Greetings on Valmiki Jayanti! Life of Maharishi Valmiki ji, author of epic Ramayana inspires all to have strong willpower. #LionHeartOnTop

Don't be scared to let people leave your life & let them make the decision to come back or not


After 8 years!!! Here we are. Thank you for being such a massive part of our life :)

I have never seen Brittney this scared in my life! She was truly a wreck!.Thank you for supporting and always RT'ing

The Dream Kardashian. Because she's actually black. Never in your life will you be as petty as Blac Chyna.

Each time you feel dissatisfied with your life, remember that others are dreaming of living your life. So always give thanks & stay humble!

If only all of life's problems could be solved by memes

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A cute little Hispanic girl can change your life.

Tonight at 11/10c, President Obama welcomes President-Elect Donald Trump to the White House. This is real life.

Don't stress over trying to be perfect. Nobody is perfect. It's all about taking our imperfect life and making it better. Start today!.

When people leave college they should be able to start their life with excitement, not be saddled with outrageous levels of student debt.

one silver lining: barack and harry can finally live an open and honest life god bless

No matter how hard you try not to be judged, you can't control the actions of others. But you can choose to live your life with integrity!

& at the end of the day When my life becomes none You'll always my my sunshine You'll always be my son

I need infinitely more pumpkin pie in my life

.@TimKaine's spent his whole life fighting for working families, so I have no doubt he'll do the same tonight. Go get 'em, Tim. -H


Most popular questions

What does LIFE stand for?

LIFE stands for "Learning Is Fun & Exciting, Lol, It Fucks Everything"

How to abbreviate "Learning Is Fun & Exciting, Lol, It Fucks Everything"?

"Learning Is Fun & Exciting, Lol, It Fucks Everything" can be abbreviated as LIFE

What is the meaning of LIFE abbreviation?

The meaning of LIFE abbreviation is "Learning Is Fun & Exciting, Lol, It Fucks Everything"

What does LIFE mean?

LIFE as abbreviation means "Learning Is Fun & Exciting, Lol, It Fucks Everything"

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