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Feed Me Lollipop
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What does FML mean? It stands for Feed Me Lollipop

Comments having FML

Having the best skin of your life.. and then your period comes. #FML

What is life? My day has been ruined by an unfaithful penguin fml

Smh I have this in my house fml

So mad lol I just bought a shirt from target and the hanger said XS but when I tried it on at home fml it was a large. Grrrr

OMG WTF? IMO, net slang is crazy af. FYI, normally IDGAF but I'm starting to talk like this IRL. TBH, this is probably TMI. TL;DR: FML.

me pasa siempre FML

Today, my country elected a man who thinks global warming is a hoax. FML

it's literally 50 degrees outside fml

Bad hombres FML. #debatenight

A bee landed on my food though. Fml

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No cream cheese..fml

@Teeqo File got corrupt rip fml bye

Q was about entitlement reform. Trump pretends growth will fix it all. Hillary goes to tax increases & wants to EXPAND entitlements. FML.

Almost Launched my phone at the wall when @Apple deleted all my music from @AppleMusic for the THIRD time.... Fml @Apple sort this out now.

wait fml this was so cute

"so in trap, every key is between E and G?" Me: "i... i...fml ill show myself out"

Today, I replaced my dating apps with food apps cause at least someone will show up after I use the food apps. FML

Today, my 27-year-old boyfriend chose playing with Lego over making sweet love to me. FML #legostorelondon

.@fml_movies is blowing up, so we sat down with its founders to get their secret tips for success!


Most popular questions

What does FML stand for?

FML stands for "Feed Me Lollipop"

How to abbreviate "Feed Me Lollipop"?

"Feed Me Lollipop" can be abbreviated as FML

What is the meaning of FML abbreviation?

The meaning of FML abbreviation is "Feed Me Lollipop"

What does FML mean?

FML as abbreviation means "Feed Me Lollipop"

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