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Seriously, Poor Advertising Method
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What does SPAM mean? It stands for Seriously, Poor Advertising Method

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Maneras de hacer spam en 2016 (lo peor es que la gente se suscribe :'v)

"Alejo Igoa llego al millon solo x hacer spam en todos los videos" Agarra los nenes mabel que nos vamo

Alt-right & bogus news sites ran posts about a Wikileaks "bombshell" ...that turned out to be spam. #inners

get blackout drunk and spam like your crush's instagram all the way back to 2012, don't miss a single photo

Please go through @LJSilverman1's mentions and block and report the hatred. Report as spam, that suspends accounts immediately.

If you spam me and I block you. Don't take it personal

Bummer! Google must be sending my updates to spam folder.

More Stairs of Doom spam

Opened a tin of meat. Soon as I opened it 20 more tins appeared. Bloody spam

@sidesforseb i can't be that guy.. maybe i can.. maybe ill just spam my personal with cute pics of her

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Transaction Spam Attack (Nuisance Attack) Update and Next Steps.

Google and Facebook face a major hurdle in the messaging revolution: chatbot spam

Podemos resumir el spam de instagram stories en

Hey, guys - I'm about to be driving, so can you report Laura Silverman's antisemitic trolls for me? Search ljsilverman1, and report as spam.

New video up on IG @uldouz follow me on there & like & spam my new video & I'll send you a DM

13 years of spam in my old yahoo account has been revealed to Guccifer 2.0. Actually 9.0. But no less harrowing.

Go spam "devinwesleyyy on snapchat and tell him why he should love me

Trump's White House job application site is easier to spam than your average webstore newsletter, which at least requires email verification

LinkedIn blocked everywhere in Russia. Finally @roscomnadzor is doing something useful and fights spam!


Most popular questions

What does SPAM stand for?

SPAM stands for "Seriously, Poor Advertising Method"

How to abbreviate "Seriously, Poor Advertising Method"?

"Seriously, Poor Advertising Method" can be abbreviated as SPAM

What is the meaning of SPAM abbreviation?

The meaning of SPAM abbreviation is "Seriously, Poor Advertising Method"

What does SPAM mean?

SPAM as abbreviation means "Seriously, Poor Advertising Method"

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