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Crocs Really Offend Current Shoes
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What does CROCS mean? It stands for Crocs Really Offend Current Shoes

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Not even Christopher Kane can make crocs cool. Adding geodes to them only furthers the embarrassment.

Donald Trump is the human version of crocs, his plans and speeches are all full of holes... #debatenight

This just in: Crocs hit runway, get some inquisitive side-eye @ChristopherKane

Yes, Matt Shatt is wearing crocs with socks. #SNLPremiere

SPOTTED: @Crocs on the Christopher Kane runway! We totally called this... #MRPartner

Working on the studio Don't judge the crocs plz

All you need is crocs (any color), a white head band, and a don't mess with Texas shirt

I would eat anyone who wore them - And spit out the @Crocs! #KillerCroc #SuicideSquad - @adewale

No crocs on the front page of @TheNTNews this morning, just a message. Papers at 6:05 on @RNBreakfast.

No jokes and no crocs. Maybe if @TheNTNews got serious more often, something would have been done sooner.

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wow i actually needed some new crocs

Did you know? Ancient crocodilians were extremely diverse! Learn more in #Crocs:

Tough day for Crocs

didn't know they did black crocs #chic!

Foppa invested $100,000 in Crocs, made $33 million on that investment. True story

This is Daniel Carlson. He arrived at his interview wearing Crocs, @Allie_Davison.

Crikey! DNA analysis confirmed 3 crocodilians captured in Florida were actually Nile crocs.

I always suspected this! Nile crocs found in Everglades likely related, study finds & more may be out there

How thick is my Mrs? I told her to get me some crocs


Most popular questions

What does CROCS stand for?

CROCS stands for "Crocs Really Offend Current Shoes"

How to abbreviate "Crocs Really Offend Current Shoes"?

"Crocs Really Offend Current Shoes" can be abbreviated as CROCS

What is the meaning of CROCS abbreviation?

The meaning of CROCS abbreviation is "Crocs Really Offend Current Shoes"

What does CROCS mean?

CROCS as abbreviation means "Crocs Really Offend Current Shoes"

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