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Depart Into Eternity
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What does DIE mean? It stands for Depart Into Eternity

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Steve Jobs didn't die for this.

dear america, we thought it would be a fun joke to vote brexit and now we all want to die. take this a bit seriously. sincerely, britain

"When Donald Trump says things it offends people sometimes... When Hillary makes mistakes people die."-@MeghanMcCain

Gilinsky Quote Of The Day: "before my life is over I wanna find my way to another galaxy and die there instead."

sometimes i wanna die (sent w confetti)

i want to die

if i ever die please make sure my funeral has a fire snapchat filter.

I did it!!! I ran!..... now if you'll excuse Im gonna go die

Born alone die alone

Old friendships die hard. @_Rachael_Taylor, #ScottGlenn, and @rosariodawson return for The #Defenders

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positive thinking won't change the fact that we're going to die

Kate Upton's a ride or die lol

Smile like you've never cried, fight like you've never lost, love like you've never been hurt, and live like you'll die tomorrow.


My album of #KargilMemories .My proud moments with Tiranga and the brave hearts who die for it. #Salute

I think a lot of innocent people are going to die as a result of Trump's national security team.

Somewhere tonight the "enemy's" child will die due to your "master's" greed. "Pacifist" is not a label but a core piece of human nature

De man die allerlei mensen en groeperingen het zwijgen wil opleggen, beroept zich zelf weer eens op de vrijheid van meningsuiting. #Wilders

can y'all die of natural causes real quick


Most popular questions

What does DIE stand for?

DIE stands for "Depart Into Eternity"

How to abbreviate "Depart Into Eternity"?

"Depart Into Eternity" can be abbreviated as DIE

What is the meaning of DIE abbreviation?

The meaning of DIE abbreviation is "Depart Into Eternity"

What does DIE mean?

DIE as abbreviation means "Depart Into Eternity"

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