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Treat Her Exclusively, Rarely Existing Splendid Asset
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What does THERESA mean? It stands for Treat Her Exclusively, Rarely Existing Splendid Asset

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Can you imagine Theresa May tweeting something like this?

Let's fact check Theresa May's answers on international aid, the NHS, the economy and Brexit at yesterday's #PMQs

This evening, @theresa_may gave a speech trying to catch up with a changing world the Conservatives don't understand

Could Theresa May please explain why peerage nominations are "normally never discussed in public"? They're life-long jobs in our legislature

This was the setting for Theresa May's "anti-establishment" speech.

Watch my full #PMQs exchange with @theresa_may today. She clearly has no plan and is presiding over a chaotic Brexit

UK government "confident" Supreme Court appeal against #Brexit ruling will be won, @theresa_may spokesperson says

This year's John Lewis xmas ad: Theresa May beats a remain voter to death with a metal christmas cracker. "You can't afford Christmas" End

So in the last 10 days, two Tory MPs have stood down to force by-elections. Well done @theresa_may! That deserves...

At this rate Trump's going to call the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan to thank him for the endorsement before he rings Theresa May

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"Yes we do have a plan," says Theresa May. And there we were thinking she was no good at jokes #PMQs

If you weren't already worried about where Theresa May & the Tories are going with "hard Brexit", you should be now.

The woman touching up Lucious' hair is Theresa who actually does hair on set. #empire

The leaked list shows @theresa_may has created a key committee designed to deliver a hard Brexit

No extra money for NHS, Theresa May tells health chief

Italy is unimpressed by Theresa May's "chaotic" Brexit strategy

Just in: Scottish secretary David Mundell with only attend Theresa May's Brexit cabinet "as required"

Ignore today's hysteria. My 7 reasons why Theresa May will NOT call an early General Election in 2017;

PM @Theresa_May urged to calm #Brexit court backlash


Most popular questions

What does THERESA stand for?

THERESA stands for "Treat Her Exclusively, Rarely Existing Splendid Asset"

How to abbreviate "Treat Her Exclusively, Rarely Existing Splendid Asset"?

"Treat Her Exclusively, Rarely Existing Splendid Asset" can be abbreviated as THERESA

What is the meaning of THERESA abbreviation?

The meaning of THERESA abbreviation is "Treat Her Exclusively, Rarely Existing Splendid Asset"

What does THERESA mean?

THERESA as abbreviation means "Treat Her Exclusively, Rarely Existing Splendid Asset"

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